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  1. I am also interested in the cheat sheets if you are willing to share
  2. Congratulations to you..... Well done..... GUYS/GALS CHEERS ...... YOU ARE STILL BRAVE ENOUGH TO APPEAR IN THE EXAM.... MANY WON'T EVEN TRY IT.....
  3. Appeared in New York state, Rochester area for vertical exam and I PASSED this time, I failed Vertical in my first attempt ..... thanks a lot guys..... now NEXT IS LATERAL .... and BEST OF LUCK TO THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T RECEIVED THE RESULTS YET
  4. You are almost there.... no one can stop you....
  5. when i appeared in October last year, the gentlemen provided me with the advice that don't ruin your summer for the exams , enjoy the summers and appear for exam in April as during winter if you live up north you would basically have less outdoor activities.
  6. lets hope result comes out today
  7. Grading workshop being done in June, so answer sheets are already in last two months? So it is automatically decided who cleared the exam when they did PM exam manual grading and computerized grading for AM exam. So what this meeting decides ???... They don't change the decision or something based on the outcome of this meeting???..... It would be more consistent if the same grader checks all the PM answer sheets atleast then you the he used the same yardstick for the whole batch doesn't matter where you are residing.....
  8. this waiting game is keeping me on the edge......
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