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  1. @JPMCL @marchduc @AndieWoooooooo @Baby Hamster @BRB Thank you all!. These info has been helpful!
  2. Hi All, I am curious how did everyone approach to studying the seismic and surveyng exam and the number of hours. Any informaton is helpful. I just want to get a good gauge on different study methods and and dedicated study time, although I know it varies from different individuals. Thank you in advance! I am planning to take it end of April. This gives me 16 weeks to study.
  3. How long does the reexamination process take? Does it take as long as the 60 days PE application process timeftame? If it does, it would go through the 2nd quarter correct?
  4. Aiden

    CA Results!

    60 days they say...
  5. I would like to thank this spam thread for helping me relieve stress. It was really fun! Cheers! Dear April Spam Thread, Good luck. Make sure to beat this post count of over 22k!
  6. Aiden

    CA Results!

    @squaretaper PE I am so happy for you. Make sure to celebrate your heart out this weekend....and till the end of the year! CA Seismic and Surveying here we come
  7. CA results are out! I passed!!!!
  8. Can someone direct me to the topic tread on the process of NCEES releasing results to the states? I recall there was a topic on that if I am not mistaken.
  9. @Will.I.Am Congratulations ! I am very happy for you!! Go celebrate your victory. P.S. still waiting on CA
  10. @Will.I.Am Congratulations ! I am very happy for you!! Go celebrate your victory. P.S. still waiting on CA
  12. Who thinks the results will be in tomorrow? I don't... Day 48 of the suck
  13. I guess no results today. Everyone should enter the spam thread!
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