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  1. I have listed the materials I studied based on the importance from my point of view (I'm practicing in Canada and just passed SE). 1- Nehrp 2015 design examples (It is a must) 2- Steel Seismic design manual 2nd edition (In detail) 3- ASCE 7-10 (Ch 11 to Ch 14 in detail) 4- ACI 318 (I studied the code in detail) 5- PPI structural desing handbook 8th edition 6- PPI practice exam 7- Ncees practice exam 8-AISC 314 ( quick review) 9-NDS 2015 and NDS 2015 wind and seismic design 10-AASHTO (Ch 3 to Ch 6 quick review)
  2. I wrote the exam in Washington State BTW.
  3. I passed Both Vertical and Lateral on my first TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I truly believe NCEES prefers more people fails the exam so they have to pay the fees again. I realized by the time they would release the exam results, I wouldn't have enough time to cover what I read before. I started studying last month.
  5. Is there any chance the delay to send out the results is because of NCEES is re-marking the exams? Have they ever done that before?
  6. One of my friend which is PE and has PhD was contacted by NCEES to attend the scoring workshop. I guess being a PE should suffice to mark the exams.
  7. Here reminds me of the undergrad. Group of students, lining up in front of Prof. office and waiting for him to put up the score list.
  8. Scoring workshop should have been over by now, and, our exams are marked. Next couple of days are brutal!
  9. The deadline for October SE exam registration is end of July. You would hear from them sooner than August!
  10. NCEES will open October SE exam on 06-17-2019. We should know the results by then.
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