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  1. Hi all! I just passed the California State Surveying Exam for Civil Engineers, and therefore am no longer in need of the references that I used. I'm selling a Mansour reference manual and practice exam booklet as well as a "Definitions of Surveying and Associated Terms", all of which I feel really helped with my studying and during the test! Depending on shipping, I'm willing to let all 3 references go for around $100. The reference manual has been highlighted a bit and has some notes made inside. The exam booklet has been fully completed, but using pencil so it's reusable. Let me know if you have any questions!
  2. Woohoo! Passed survey, now just need seismic! I am so relieved.
  3. Congrats to everyone for Seismic! Waiting on Surveying, of course that's the one taking forever. 😆
  4. I was so torn when figuring out which reference manual to get. I ended up going with the EET manual, and have heard a lot of good things about it. It's all new to me, so I guess I won't even know if anything is missing from the book until I get to the test and it's too late. 😃
  5. I am! I've never dealt with seismic before so I knew I would need time in between surveying and seismic to study. But if I don't pass surveying, my motivation to study for seismic is going to go down the toilet.
  6. Here's to another long day of watching my inbox like a hawk. 😅
  7. I think we just have to be patient and wait for the results to come. I don't think that calling will get results any quicker, unfortunately.
  8. Nope - I'm thinking it will be early next week.
  9. I didn't end up taking any course - I spent some intern years with the surveying group at my work and they were very helpful with sharing their knowledge. I ended up using Mansour's reference manual as well as a few others that I came across (to clear up any confusion) but mainly did hundreds of practice problems! I felt decent on the exam, I definitely was short on time so didn't have the chance to fully go through around 5 problems, and would say only guessed on 3 or 4 more, at most. Fingers crossed that I passed, but I could be way off on my assumptions!
  10. It seems like there has only been a few times where the results come out within the first week of the month. Hoping for that to be true this time around, I can't imagine waiting another week or two!
  11. What are the best portions of IBC 2018 and ASCE 7-16 to have printed out for the Seismic exam? I know I'll need chapter 12 of ASCE (R values, etc.), but I'm curious about what others brought with them that they found helpful. Note: I have the EET seismic workbook, not Hiner.
  12. How did you get access to the codes in PDF? Are they online somewhere?
  13. I know you're trying to help, but your responses are more or less telling me what I already know. If anyone else can give any indication of whether or not Public Lands are included on the current exam (since it doesn't explicitly say in the test plan), I would be very grateful.
  14. Right, so I looked at test plans for the current exam as well as previous exams. What I'm saying is that none of them specified Public Lands, however I believe it has been included on the exam in the past. I'm looking for someone who has taken the exam recently to confirm or deny that this topic is included on recent exams.
  15. Based on a lot of the studying materials that are currently out there, I'm seeing a lot of information about Public Lands Surveys. However, I've heard that they're not included on the test anymore. Is that the case? I've looked at past and present test plans and they don't specifically call out Public Land Surveys, but I don't want to not study the topic if it's going to end up on the exam.
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