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  1. Is this a review course? I'm looking for reference manuals, study materials etc. Not courses.
  2. Thanks! I'm more so looking for reference materials to take into the test - I already have a review course that's offered locally. Are EET/CPESR review courses or are they a PPI type of thing which makes references and study materials (manuals, books, etc.)?
  3. best reference/study materials for california seismic and surveying exams? im aware of hiner for seismic and mahallati for surveying but curious about others.
  4. I've heard that the NCEES record is for showing that you've sent exam/license verification through the NCEES website. Is that not the case?
  5. I have a few random questions about the PE application for California. First off, I passed the 8-hour national exam in October of 2018. In California they've recently changed the rules so that you're able to take the national exam before you obtain your experience needed to become a PE. However, you must have passed your national exam before you can take the state specific Seismic and Surveying tests, or submit your application. I'll attach the relevant parts of the application to this. Am I supposed to submit my application before I sign up to take the state specific exams? Within the application, it has an option to mark California Sesimic Principles Exam: $150 and California Engineering Surveying Exam: $150. When I submit my application, will I send money for these two tests at that time? Shouldn't I be paying through the NCEES website? Basically, will I be sending a check for just the $125 application fee, or will I be sending $425 for both tests and the application fee? Another requirement is to provide a license and/or exam verification. When I look at the NCEES website, it says not to send verified license/exam history until a board has specifically asked for it. Should I wait until they ask for it, or just submit it now and know that they'll receive that and my application separately? When I took my FE (EIT) exam a few years ago, I had to get finger-printed, and I still have a few live scan forms from that time. Finger-printing is also required for this application. Am I able to just re-submit a form from the FE? Or will I have to get another form signed by getting another live scan? On the application, it has a box to check for "a complete NCEES Council Record has been ordered". What is this for? In my situation, would I check this box? It doesn't sound like I need to but I'm not entirely sure what this is referring to. On section 2 of the application, it has a place to list your engagements (a.k.a. references). On the far right, it has a location to list the "branch" of your reference. What is this referring to?
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