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  1. I have heard that for some people it takes 5-6 months, some people only 2-3. It's all up to chance, I guess. Good luck!
  2. Hi all! I heard back yesterday that my application was approved. So it took a total of 4 months - June 15th to October 15th - to get approved. Best of luck to anyone who hasn't heard yet!
  3. How odd that it's so quick for some and not for others! I wonder if it may have something to do with last name and how many submit applications to each evaluator... Or possibly you just have lots of experience and were easy to approve. Lucky you!
  4. 5-6 months? Wow! That's quite a process. Is that the time after you submitted your application initially? Or after it was referred for technical review?
  5. I will post when I hear back about approval, but from what I've heard, you may want to postpone as it can take at least 2+ months to hear back. If you heard back about technical review yesterday, I would say that being approved within the next 2-3 weeks isn't likely. It also kind of sucks because the Seismic code being used on the test is changing as of January 2020, which means if you don't get approved for Q4 (Oct-Dec), you'll have to use the updated Seismic code for Q1 in 2020. I'm in the same boat, which is why I haven't purchased any review materials for Seismic yet.
  6. Yes, I emailed them before I tried calling actually, right after my 60 days had passed. No response. I actually was able to contact my evaluator's boss (maybe?) yesterday afternoon, who told me basically what I already knew.
  7. Hi all! Wondering if anyone has recently submitted an application to take the California State exams (Seismic and Surveying) and has heard back from the board that they're approved, not approved, etc.? I submitted my application on June 15th, got an email on July 31st that it's been referred for technical review, and haven't heard anything since. Once my 60 days had passed, I attempted to call the board to check on the status of my application. Every time I've called (maybe around 3-4 times now, since August 16th or so), I get forwarded to the A-G evaluator, for whom I leave a voicemail. However, I have yet to make contact with him and haven't received any calls or emails from him. Is anyone else having this problem? The receptionist/office manager that I've spoken to says I should have heard back by now...
  8. Is this a review course? I'm looking for reference manuals, study materials etc. Not courses.
  9. Thanks! I'm more so looking for reference materials to take into the test - I already have a review course that's offered locally. Are EET/CPESR review courses or are they a PPI type of thing which makes references and study materials (manuals, books, etc.)?
  10. best reference/study materials for california seismic and surveying exams? im aware of hiner for seismic and mahallati for surveying but curious about others.
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