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  1. Thanks for your tips Nathan55. Extremely helpful. #15 resonated with me. The urge to simply brush up on the weak areas for retakers is too tempting. All retakers- don’t fall into this trap. I made this mistake.
  2. Hope others that have taken the exams will provide their tips/learning lessions. Every help makes a difference. 4 months to go....
  3. Thanks for the reply. I registered for the live version. With this, I have access to previous recordings as well. So, effectively it is the same. Waiting for the binders to come through the mail. I know I am going to miss a few live sessions. For this, I have the option to go to the April 2019 recorded sessions or wait for EET to upload the video (not sure how long this takes). Since there is no code changes from April 2019 to October 2019, I am hoping that the old videos will suffice.
  4. Can someone describe the difference between EET live webinar vs. recording (with respect to SE courses)? Does live webinar registered folks get access to previous recordings of the material?
  5. I thought it would help fellow examinees to have a forum to help them prepare for the upcoming Oct 2019 exam. I will be registering to take the Lateral Building portion only. I did not make it through on the April 2019 Lateral. Passed vertical a few years back (3 year old kid ago to be exact). While obvious answer is study /study - , the following are the tips I have gathered to date and I'd like to share. I'm hoping others will share their study techniques so we all can pass together. 1 - Start early (get all the codes/book) and place tabs - There is no such thing as too early. Placing tabs will help you get familiar with the codes. So, this has dual benefits. 2 - I've heard good stories about EET exam. I personally am not a believer on exam prep courses but I would like to give this a try for the upcoming exam. Anything to keep me on focus helps. 3 - Create flow charts/ good summary notes of important topics. A lot of folks who passed on their first try had detailed flow charts that they ended up not even turning to the codes for some of the afternoon problems. 4 - Do the easy problems first in the am. For building folks, the AASHTO problems have typically been easier for me in the am. I go through these first and dump the two heavy codes to the floor first. 5 - For the pm problems, do not struggle trying to complete all the parts. If it is difficult, move on to the next problem. My experience has been that it is very tempting to complete topics you know so well and end up spending a lot of time. Even though I was aware of this going in, I ended up doing this to some extent. 6 - Keep a list of things that is tricky/ simple formulaes that is best be memorized before the exam to save time. Review these 2 days before the exam. 7 - Keep a schedule and maintain it. This is hard and will be tested for the Oct exam due to summer family commitments. 8 - Get the right book/study guide. I did not know about the Allan Williams (Seismic and Wind Forces). Realized that this was probably the best study preparation guide after the exam. I'll continue updating this list. Hopefully based on input from others. Lets all be SEs before 2020.
  6. Congrats. You have to share some of your secrets.
  7. A re-do for me too. The am was brutal for me. I got 30/40 in the last two exam. This time, it was 24. 😞
  8. Wonder if NCCES publishes the revenue by various exams.. would be interested to see heist from SEs. I am sure its big pot.
  9. So if we do not hear by tomorrow, NCCES will set a record. lol
  10. 'Not Study More' but if you have a longer time frame, you can fit it better with your lifestyle. I think if I were to retake, 100 to 150 hours max is the range that I consider sufficient to sit for the lateral only. I think the duration can be shorter if the exam comes earlier (e.g. April 2019 takers)
  11. Good for you for starting early but I am so close or hoping to pass so I hesitate. Fishing vs. study for an exam that I have a good shot at passing. Go Figure... lol
  12. My approach is 'strike while it is hot'. Good for you. My whole point is - A lot of folks would pass if the preparation time was say 5 months for the re-takers instead of 3.5 months. I am already counting the weekends that I have available here till Oct.
  13. Folks - If you are re-taker for the April 2019, what are your thoughts on this? In general, the release of the exam result is too late. If the April 2019 exam results come out by mid to end of June, the re-takers are left with 3.5 to 4 months to prepare for the exam. Factor these with kids, vacations, conferences, buy new codes, tab again etc, and the window for study is too small for most folks. Of course there is an option to give up on the rest of your life and study for this exam. But, why does not have to be this way and for the older folks this is not an option (work/study/life balance). I hope NCEES does something to address this. I believe this is the primary reason why most retakers do not make it through. I am willing to bet that most retakers are older folks who have other responsibilities in life/work and cannot give up the other half of their life to retake the exam compared to younger folks. Just some thoughts that I am venting out and hopefully some of you can relate to this .... I struggled to find time to study for the last one due to project and family committment. Of course, one could start preparing early at a slow pace but who does that when there is hope. Fingers crossed - I managed to complete all the afternoon problem on the last exam which gives me hope.
  14. Hopefully the results come in by Friday. At this day and age, I am surprised that NCEES does not have a set target date for exam release. You plan for it and make it happen - publish a date. 8 to 10 weeks ..really? I probably checked my email / logged in to MyNCEES at least 30 times the last two weeks. I hope I am not alone in this. On a side note, I have a love/hate relationship with this group forum. Love to hear from similar minded folks. Hate the number of times I find myself logging in to check what others have to say. But, all this comes to an end - On Friday?
  15. Another day goes by. Hoping it does not become 'Another Summer Goes by'. Life has been on hold because of this dang thing for the past two years. 😞
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