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  1. I am applying to become a PE in California through Comity. I have read in the instructions that it is not necessary to provide the Engagement Record and Reference Form with an application by Comity, however it is suggested that I do so. That's pretty ambiguous. To be 100% sure I should obviously just fill out the forms and ask my references to sign the forms again. But, this would be the third goddamn time I've had to ask this favor. I worked at a small engineering firm and my references were primarily contract consultants that I worked with on a project or two. Now 4-5 years later it's getting a little ridiculous to keep going back to them and asking them to recall the stuff we worked on. The first time I asked this favor was for my TX PE in 2016 and then I just had to ask again so I could complete the NCEES Multi-State Licensure Verification Form. I started my own consulting company and the only other PE's I've worked with since then are state regulators so it's not an appropriate ask. What should I do? Suck it up and fly back to Texas for a few lunches to catch up with these old work colleagues, or risk it and don't include the Engagement Form? Anecdotal evidence encouraged!
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