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  1. I'd definitely recommend taking the NCEES practice test ASAP, if you haven't already. I thought it was pretty representative for the qualitative questions, and it gave me ideas on where to focus my studying. I ended up reading through my intro to environmental engineering textbook from college and watching some Khan Academy videos for some of the stuff that I felt weak on. I wouldn't get too stressed about trying to cover everything, though. There will be some gimmes, depending on your background, and you'll be able to make educated guesses on some of the ones that you don't know. In my opinion, you're better off focusing your energy on the quantitative stuff that's all but guaranteed to be on there. Good luck!
  2. This is crazy, but my license was actually issued two days after I got my result! I was checking the website for kicks and was totally shocked when I saw my name pop up. I'm wondering if it was mostly lucky timing, being just before the October exam? There must not be much of a backlog at the moment.
  3. Took the exam last Thursday and found out today that I passed! I'll be right behind you in line for a NY license, @engineer123, ha. Thank you all again for your advice. I felt nervous about being the CBT guinea pig in my circle, and it really helped to see that so many of you were having success with it. To prep, I used the on-demand School of PE videos, then worked through the Schneiter P.E. Environmental Practice book, then took the most recent NCEES practice exam one week before the exam. I got a 56 on that exam, so I was super nervous about taking the exam and almost postponed my appointment. I spent the last week looking over my School of PE notes and reading through my intro to environmental engineering textbook from college (Mihelcic and Zimmerman). All told, I spent about 150 hours studying over about three months. I felt decently confident coming out of the exam. I had flagged about 20 questions overall and was able to come up with educated guesses for most of them. There was one question that I hadn't seen in any of my prep, but I was able to find a formula for it when I came back to it. There was also one question that the School of PE instructor for that section had speculated wouldn't be included (purposefully being vague, sorry), so take that kind of conjecture with a grain of salt. Overall, I thought it was similar to the NCEES practice exam, just a bit easier. No issues with the test center. The dry erase booklets were fine, the computer was fine, and it was very quiet. I don't think I worked particularly quickly, and I had plenty of time - I used 3.5 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon. Good luck to everyone else preparing!
  4. My understanding is that the fee associated with the NYS application covers initial licensure, not the first exam. I just registered for the exam and had to pay the $375. (Also, hi, everyone! I'm planning on taking the CBT in September or October. This thread is fantastic - thank you to everyone who has shared advice so far! I'll definitely check in when I'm further along with my studying.)
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