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  1. I have never seen the results released on Friday.
  2. If not today, then next week? No chance for Friday?
  3. Is there any chance for the results to be published today? Or historically, it doesn't come out after 3?
  4. I had a similar experience to yours in my Spring 2019 exam. I took both the EET classes for breadth and depth and the Spring 2019 exam was tough in the PM and not as tough in the AM. I passed the exam from the first shot. The EET content was very aligned with both exams even though there were some problems in the exam that were not covered in the binder in the PM part which was expected. I figured out after the exam that some of those -out of EET binder- problems were in some other references recommended by the instructor to have with us in the exam but I didn't get those . Honestly, I like the balance in the binder content, especially it follows the NCEES exam specs. The problem is when NCEES doesn't follow their own specs . In my opinion, if the binder is covering 80% of the exam content, that would be great and enough because otherwise the binder would have been 1.5 - 2 times bigger which is not convenient for many people especially those who are working and left school several years back. In summary, I highly recommend the EET class for both breadth and depth. It is very convenient given my condition of leaving school several years back, studying in addition to working, and my unfamiliarity with some TOUGH topics such as WASTE WATER & WATER QUALITY. I wrote a topic regarding my experience with EET and the exam in details right after the exam. You can find it here:
  5. Hello interested civil (water depth) PE takers, I have PASSED my PE exam last season (April 2019) and I’ll share my brief story with you. I have enrolled with EET ( to take their two classes (Breadth and Water Resources and Env. Depth). Before joining them, it was a nightmare for me, WHY? Because, like many of you, I have my job that makes my study time limited in addition to the fact that I have a family and kids too. Also, I finished my undergrad about 15 years ago and the info is not fresh anymore. Additionally, I was NOT FAMILIAR with many exam subjects, in both breadth and depth, such as transportation, road design, and the BIG BOY “ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING & WATER QUALITY”. After joining EET, it turned out to be A LOT OF FUN, yes you read it correctly “A LOT OF FUN”. I can recommend one thing only if you choose to enroll with EET, JUST BE SERIOUS in studying and reviewing the material and also submitting the homework. I used to study couple of hours every day for 3 months with some additional hours during the weekends except at least (net time of) three weeks when I got sick, tired, busy, or lazy, so it was not a lot of pressure as I was expecting. One key with the EET is that they give a lot of practice problems, quizzes, examples, practice exams, and simulation exams too which will make you, IF YOU SOLVE THEM ALL OR MOST OF THEM, very well prepared and very comfortable before and during the exam itself, and to me THAT WHAT MADE IT A LOT OF FUN. Their schedule was very organized and focused, for example Nazrul (the water depth instructor) gives practice exams with flexible deadlines to submit and his schedule is adjusted to give you sometime to solve the long ones, marks for you the “MUST-TO-SOLVE” problems, all instructors provide detailed solutions to all the problems, Nazrul holds additional office hours with A LOT OF TRICKS to move faster in solving the problems and save some time and he also provides extra material to whoever wants more to dig. That made it a lot of fun especially with the simulated exam that he provides. Guess what?! I got almost the least number of mistakes (during the practice and simulated exams) in my biggest nightmare, the ENVIRONMENATL ENGINEERING AND WATER QUALITY part, amongst all the other parts of water depth. The most beneficial part about the water depth is that Nazrul provides everyone (especially those who communicate with him either during the sessions or via emails) with a very constructive feedback on what you need to work on, improve, or sometime ignore. If your situation is similar to mine (regarding the limited time, the many years of separation after finishing your undergrad, and the nonfamiliarity of some subjects) THEN EET IS YOUR DESTINATION. Wish you all the best.
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