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  1. Hi, i had the same problem in receiving my april 2019 wall certificate. I emailed the licensing specialist in late September. They said the certificates have been mailed out one month ago and will order a replacement for me. So far i am still waiting for it... hope it will not take another several months to finally receive it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Just received an email from DOL! My license is finally approved. I believe it’s happening to everyone here. [emoji3]
  3. Still No update today...
  4. Still no update this morning. Hopefully next week.
  5. Hope I can see mine shown up tomorrow!
  6. Anyone was able to see his/her new PE license number in DOL’s online database? I checked every day after passing the exam but didn’t see any update for mine. My coworker tole me she was able to find hers on the 5th day. This year seems slow...
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