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  1. I agree. You don't want the rebar to be exposed. Ideally, you don't want the rebar to be exposed in the first place. The cover requirement is for potential crack that could expose the rebar. If you seal the core, corrosion will more than likely not happen. I would still be very careful with the letter and specify it's a repair and corrosion can still happen but this repair will significantly reduce the likelihood.
  2. Estimating quantities and cost, temporary structures, and scheduling. You gave up a lot of points on those subjects. Work your weakness and pass. Good luck next time.
  3. The SE is a shit show regardless of where you take it. The Oregon board does not require SE examinees to submit an application or an additional fee prior to registering with NCEES for an exam. 3) Evidence satisfactory to the Board of having obtained two years of structural engineering experience, verified by a registered Structural Engineer in a jurisdiction with NCEES membership. (This one is straight forward) d) A completed Experience Details form describing active practice in structural engineering, including meaningful work on significant structures. (I would say this one is very subjective)
  4. Not many are willing to let those binders go. Structural Engineers are serious hoarders.
  5. Structural Depth Six-Minute Problems for the PE Civil Exam by Subasic PE, Christine. 7th edition. (Asking $75) PE CIVIL ENGINEERING STRUCTURAL PRACTICE EXAM By NCEES (Asking $50) Pass the Civil Professional Engineering P.e. Exam Guide Book : Breadth Problems & Solutions. Second edition. (Asking $30) A Dictionary Of Civil, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering: By Harry (Asking $50) SE Structural Engineering Reference Manual, Paperback by Williams, Alan, Ph.D (Asking $150) Concrete Design for the Pe Civil and Se Exams, Paperback by Buckner, C. Dale (Asking $80) Steel Design for the Pe Civil and Se Exams, Paperback by Roland, Frederick S.. (Asking $85) Willing to accept reasonable offers. All materials are in excellent shape. Shipping will be USPS media mail.
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