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  1. I took the PE construction exam in April and just found out last week that I passed. I took the EET on-demand course to prepare and those guys did a great job. Each student gets 2 large binders full of lecture notes and practice problems - one for the breadth and one for the depth you select. The professors do an excellent job with the notes they have prepared for lecture, explaining the concepts during the recorded sessions, and then walking through example problems step by step. They have a ton of practice problems and they give a practice exam when they are finished with the course to check your readiness. If you watch all the lectures and do all the problems it's pretty intensive and takes a a lot of time, (90+ hours of lecture breadth and depth combined and probably that amount of time outside the lectures doing problems - I'd estimate 150-200 hours minimum) but I felt like I was very well prepared going into the exam. When I took the test I felt very confident about most of the material. I felt they did a good job of really teaching the concepts that are most likely to be on the test and there were very few questions on the test that I hadn't seen something similar in the class. If there was any negative about the class it would have been the structures portion as it was difficult for me to follow, but they may have just been that it's a more difficult topic. If I had to do it over again I would definitely take EET to prep and I would highly recommend anybody who is preparing for the test to check it out.
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