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  1. Thank you for the responses! This is for personal use, and is mechnical (non-electrical). I figured out that a fishing reel essentially accomplishes "some" of what I'm trying to do, in the sense that the handle of the reel is capable of rotating the top completely with very little movement. The only problem is that it's designed to be held horizontally instead of vertically, the bottom part of the reel is too bulky, and the handle can't exactly be moved with your thumb in the setup I proposed above. Because of the bulk issue with the reel, I'm back to using part of a ball bearing castor (removed the wheel, etc). I have a handle attached to that, but I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to attach something to it so I can rotate it with a forward/backward movement... I'm guessing I'll need some sort of gears like the fishing reel uses...
  2. Thank you for the responses! Yes, that's correct for the most part. I would assume bearings would be smooth, like how a caster can rotate. I believe the X axis, like a turntable. If would be like a cake sitting on a turntable, and then your thumb rotates the table, making the cake sitting on top of it rotate with it...
  3. Hello geniuses, I would say "fellow" geniuses, but clearly, I am not a genius. I'll be honest, I have no idea if I'm in the right place. I was describing this to a friend of mine asking him for help (he's kind of a genius, but apparently not a big enough one). After describing what I wanted to do, he goes "What do I look like, a god damn mechanical engineer?". Thus, here I am... What I want to do can be described rather simply in this picture: Use example: You put a laser pointer on the end of this rod. You hold the right on your right hand. You use your thumb (from the same hand), and slide the knob forwards or backwards (while keeping the rest of your hand in the same position, so all you're moving is your thumb). When you slid the knob as far forward as you can, the laser pointer points to your 4 o'clock. When you slide it back as far as you can, it points to 9 o'clock. Any ideas? Anything out there pre-made that I don't know about? Belt drive seems logical but would be too "jerky" with movement -- seems like ball-bearing would be a better idea. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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