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  1. Hi, Which discipline are you taking in the afternoon. I would like a partner to keep me motivated. I hear good things about having one but Im in Florida so we can try to keep eachother accountable by chatting if you want to.
  2. I dont know about Ga but it sounds like Florida. I failed 3 times in NY as well before moving to Florida and the Board stated that they do not count failures in other states, so I started fresh here. Also about the 12 credits, Florida requires 12 credits from an university or a review class from some of the entities that they approve ( in my case I believe SoPe and Testmasters are some of their choices) It was hard to get in contact with the Board but once I got a hold of somebody they did pretty good explaining it to me. You should try to get the number of the person receiving the applications and contact them directly, I did not had luck thru emails. Good luck
  3. Thank you so much for this! I have failed several times and I think I never I have enough time to review all the material, I started earlier this time hoping to get more time to review everything and do more problems. I have been thinking about taking a class ( I took the SOPE I didnt feel it helped a lot) and a Lot of people are recommending EET, so I will probably do that one too. Congrats on passing the exam!!!!
  4. Thanks all for your input. Definitely taking EET for the depth class , I really need to get this exam out of the way.
  5. Thank you so much for your input! Really appreciated and Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  6. Anyone taking Construction in October 2019? I failed a couple of times and planning to take it again this October and Im looking for a study partner, right now taking SoPE on demand but I took it before (Im taking the free repeat) and I didn't feel it helped that much. I keep seeing people recommending EET so maybe a will try that one for my depth portion, any advice will be appreciated.
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