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  1. Went through the Ks and mines up now. Hooray. I updated all my e-mails and linkedin and ordered new business cards and desk tag. Beer time now.
  2. Someone in our office failed the Power exam with a 58! So the cut score is probably closing in on 60 this time around, which isn't hard to believe. Apparently there were failures of 60 out of 80 in April and October 2017 exams, so the cut score being that high is not unprecedented.
  3. Just fly back to California to take the exam. It will most likely be cheaper, not to mention easier, to take the exam again in CA than it will be to register in another state to take it. I just did the same thing. Took the exam the first time in PA, failed, moved to CO, flew back to PA to take exam again rather than pay to register in another state and go through all that damn paperwork again. You'll have to go through NCEES Records to get reciprocity, but that's cheaper and easier than registering in a new state to take the exam again.
  4. I took the April 2018 exam and then retook the April 2019 exam and passed. One of my shitty superpowers is being able to remember well the problems I get wrong on exams. On the April 2019 exam, I experienced about a dozen repeated questions. Thankfully, I remembered them and knew the right answer this time as instant recall - so maybe that superpower isn't so shitty anymore after all. In case you're interested, another shitty superpower is nerve wracking anxiety over repeating those questions in my head all while knowing there isn't anything more I can do about it once the exam is handed in.
  5. I passed primarily by doing 8 practice exams and using the online course by @Zach Stone, P.E., which took a lot of guess work out of figuring out what to study and what to ignore. My first time around I went down rabbit hole after rabbit hole of trying to understand material that was minimally relevant or not at all relevant to the exam. His course also had probably 800-1000 practice problems, and I did all of those. Any practice problem or exam question I got wrong, I returned to in 2-3 weeks to try again and kept at it till my list of wrong questions was less than 10. That ingrained a lot of material in my head and allowed me to solve lots of problems quickly without reaching for my references, leaving me more time for code questions and working through confusing theory questions. My most helpful book resources were Wildi, Grainger, Graffeo and EngProGuides. Outside of the online course notes and the NEC, those were the resources I referenced most consistently on exam day.
  6. For anyone taking the PE for the first time this October or retaking it, I highly recommend the 6 month unlimited option of Electrical PE Review course by@Zach Stone, P.E.. The price seems a bit steep at first, but I promise you it's well worth it. His content is comprehensive and his online lectures are very engaging - no death by power point and no trying to figure out where to start with your studying. I used it for my 2nd go round and passed, so I suggest you spend the money, pass the exam and move on with your life. Also, he might have an alligator, which is pretty cool.
  7. If anyone took Justin's survey and looked at results afterwards, one of the respondents had a fail report of 56/80 and I got wind yesterday of someone in our Nebraska office that failed at 58/60, though I can't confirm it. The cut score was very high this time, I wouldn't be too surprised to find out if it came down to being an even 60.
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