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  1. I passed lateral bridges this April and with the vertical bridges passed last oct. I could be officially licensed as SE. Good Luck Everyone.
  2. Are you talking about the footing problem? Concrete filled steel tubes? I also feel it is hard to solve the third problem-general analysis. They mentioned transverse direction all the time. Do we need to analyze the longitudinal direction at all and take 30% for transverse direction?
  3. It seems that you took lateral bridges. The afternoon questions are hard. It is a great achievement that you got three acceptable.
  4. Just called CTS of Illinois. They said that they are not going to release the results until early next week. That is really bad news. I can not accept what she said. Can more people from ILLINOIS CALL HER and request to release the results. I call this number: Continental Testing Services, Inc. P.O. Box 100 LaGrange, Illinois 60525 Contact: 800 359 1313 Fax: 708 354 9922
  5. Which states have released the results. I am still waiting for ILLINOIS.
  6. Anyone could call IDFPR in Illinois exam board and let them release the results at: https://www.continentaltesting.net/OnlineStatus/Status.aspx ?
  7. I decided not to forgive NCEES unless they let me pass this time. LOL😁
  8. I can tell how much torture this exam has bring to everyone.
  9. Go too farther away, guys! I just need to know the results for now.
  10. Which state will announce the results first?
  11. There is nothing else you can do due to the nervous you have.
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