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  1. I was never in the a formal design environment so just wondering if there's any significance that the EOR's initials are not in the "designed by" and "checked by" boxes. Could he be one of those principals that only stamp designs produced by subordinates without thoroughly checking them? I heard those do exist.
  2. Don't think that's true. Vegas and Central to southern Arizona have very similar climate. Both get the seasonal monsoons and can get pretty cold in the winter. There are plenty of snow covered saguaros pictures around on the internet.
  3. Why is the cost so expensive in Canada? Does it also include an "association" fee similar to NSPE? (i.e. you get more benefits than just to financially support the regulators)
  4. Ky_Su

    ACI 318 Code

    Thank you for the inputs. @PowerStroke79_PE The vault (precast concrete) is not below water table. Did you specify the sealing product(s) for the reinforced walls you designed or someone else's design? If the latter, did you seek input from the EOR? Just to be clear... I'm not seeking info for my design/report. Just happened to see something on a record drawing that piqued my curiosity.
  5. Booo! someone vandalized the doc on Saturday 5/25 @ 10AM (either that or someone just really sucked in excel!). Good thing I was able to restore it to a previously working version.
  6. Ky_Su

    ACI 318 Code

    Hello there Structural PEs and EITs. I have a practical Code question for you. I believe ACI 318 requires something like 2 to 3 inches of concrete cover over steel rebars to prevent corrosion (among other things). If the wall of a reinforced concrete vault is cored for electrical conduit and causes the rebar to be exposed, is that an ACI 318 code violation? Thanks!
  7. That's a respectable morning score. I think you were really close. Did you run out of time? If you had 3 or 4 more questions coming from the Estimating and Scheduling topics, I think you would have passed. Those are straight forward topics and don't even require references/resources. You just need to be fast. Good luck to ya!
  8. Whoever made the map, thanks! That's pretty neat. I learned something new today.
  9. @ ND engineers... Wow... what does your Board do with all the money it collects? @ Grady Hillhouse... Really!? TX makes you renew the license every year? I hope at least they accept electronic payments.
  10. @RBHeadge PE@JayKay0914 I created the survey. If y'all can't find it then others probably can't either and I have failed you.
  11. Looking to see the costs to practice Engineering in various States. I piggy back on an existing list of 50 States so you get a free geographical and civic lesson as well. Fill out the information that you have in doc below. Thanks!
  12. Umm, I can try to do it. Was hoping someone with more seniority could start one as I'm still finding my ways around here. Where's the best place to put it? "General Engineering"?
  13. Is there a "survey" on the board that captures how much it costs to renew a PE license in each state/territory? If not, may I suggest one is created for informational purposes?
  14. I don’t know about anywhere else, but at the very least, the state of CA disagrees with you. In CA only mechanical, civil, and electrical PEs actually have any authority to perform services that any other person couldn’t perform. On the other hand, all branches of engineering with PE designation have protected “Title Authority” which is simply the legal right to call yourself a PE or <branch name> engineer. I know of at least one person getting fined in CA for having a resume with the words “Mechanical Engineer” on it when he was not licensed. Even if you are licensed in a different state, you have no legal authority to call yourself a PE in California. Believe you further demonstrate my points. Some States further regulate the use of "Mechanical Engineer" or even "Engineer" but at minimum, the use of "PE" is regulated. You have to follow the laws of the State that you advertised yourself in.
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