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  1. Roarbark

    Cut scores

    Especially if each successive test counts down by 1 point, oh my god.... Congrats on passing!
  2. Knowing their taste, probably not bad. But I foolishly said "dad can come too". I tried to contact MS for posterity/debt confirmation. Will let you know if I get anything useful.
  3. Happy Friday everyone . Today is a wonderful day and everything is shiny, sparkly, and new, and i don't have to take the PE again.
  4. Keep Keep us updated! I had a running bet with a family member. If 1. MS is out (but not represented) and 2. NJ beat us, then I owe someone dinner.
  5. Finally. Hawaii 4:02 AM HST (10:02 EST?) AAAAAh! Thank the 10 sun goddesses, I... passed.
  6. Come on now.... I need to know whether to celebrate or drink away my sorrows this weekend.
  7. I'm out in the field watching epoxy coatings being done most of the day today. I can't obsess (read F5) quite as much if I'm away from my computer.....
  8. HI: Still nothing. 😬. Hairs are graying as we speak. Also, didn't even notice RI wasn't filled in.
  9. Good luck MN-ers. HI one step closer to the slowest state crown. 😠
  10. Aloha back!... I'm waiting "patiently" here in HI. Nothing official, but I will happily represent/notify for the HI delegation.
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