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  1. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Well so much for that. I'm back to my original hunch.
  2. The brownies RBHeadge_PE Brought over. What should I do for my upcoming anniversary?
  3. REALLY strong pot brownies. What should I wear to my friend's wedding in Sept.?
  4. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    😁. You're an engineer, you've can't help but flex your calcs.
  5. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    ...Arby's Dude?? Sorry RB, (Ohhhhh). Thanks for all your vigilance in the April 2018 release, but unless something changes my mind before cutoff (assuming we can change vote if so?), @ChebyshevII_PE I'm voting for @RBHeadge PE.
  6. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    @tj_PE Give me a break, it's still early in the pacific ocean. Every time I log in I have to read through 2 pages of town hall records to get caught up. @NikR I think I'm with you... tj would have to be pretty damn clever to stage that. (Not ruling it out). But Re: RBHeadge's... "We know there is one cop and one mafia remaining." How do we know that? Insider knowledge perhaps?....
  7. Roarbark

    Predictive Text

    It was a good day and time works for you, and I'll make sure to get the money to you and your family.
  8. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    I only got 1 mini snail mail note. (Don't think I actually read it, but my girlfriend filled in me in the details 🙃) Bahaha, good point. In response, I submit Exhibit A:
  9. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    @RBHeadge PE yeah, license renewal and I could choose whether I wanted licence to by my "RealID". It was already expiring so I don't think it took any extra work on my part. Pulled out my fat stack of documents, and the lady said "Looks like we have your information on file". Which was relieving since i wasn't 100% sure I had all the stuff I needed. (Though a little worrying in retrospect). Coincidence? A likely story... So we should lynch whoever has the most mafia-like avatar?
  10. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Back in time to vote, though looks like it doesn't matter who I vote for, since Vhab's got a tally going... But voting is important, so: @ChebyshevII_PE I say bump @Audi driver, P.E., to comply with his initial wishes. [DMV: I look creepy in my new pic, but surprisingly painless besides that. Thanks for the luck.]
  11. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    I have an appointment. Let's see if that matters.
  12. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Good morn all. @ChebyshevII_PE I assume you just tell us when one side wins? Does # of mafia change based on how many people play? @vhab49_PE is one of those numbers you? I'll be "in the field" at the DMV this morning , wish me luck 🤮
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