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  1. Chun Lee? Street fighter? Pocket protector
  2. Banned for setting me up to get banned for messing up the linked words game.
  3. Roarbark

    Predictive Text

    Dollars and I have to go to the store and get some rest and feel better soon and that is why I am asking for a friend to talk to.
  4. Banning NikR's unbanned post for encouraging absorption.
  5. Biggest challenges are sitting all day, and lack of time/willpower for cooking / exercising. Agree with this, give or take some of my "all". My take on the best way to fix the "low willpower after work" issue: make it an unavoidable part of your routine. Either 1. Do it before the day starts ("If you exercise for 30 minutes before you start your day then you've already won") or 2. Make it unavoidable (I bike to work, so I usually can't get to work unless I bike.). You could do this by choosing a longer walk route / stairs, or by joining some sport/exercise league/group so that you're "forced" to go (I also play soccer on weekends, and a team is depending on me.) Admittedly being young and single contributes to some of the time I have to stay fit. Just make sure you give ti a little time every day. Do 30 push-ups right before you shower. Also recommend reading Atomic Habits by James Clear
  6. Banned for not coming swing dancing.
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