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  1. Roarbark

    Predictive Text

    Today and I will be there at the same time
  2. Banned for not participating in EB Mafia this round.
  3. A strongman competition co-opts the raw materials, and instead turns them into dumb-bells. There is now a small throng of disturbingly ripped men and women lifting heavy things and putting them back down on the pile.
  4. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    I am a quarter Italian, and I have been waiting for this moment my entire life.
  5. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    dangit. Well played maf. I survived to the end for once. Does this mean I live happily ever after with my new mafia overlords?
  6. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Okay, I'm going to actually brush my teeth and go to work now.
  7. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Your friends have left you in favor of lunch, you're all alone in here Chart. ☺️
  8. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Have a good lunching!
  9. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    @NikR I vote for @chart94
  10. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    I ignore art by criminals. (technically that's a lie, cause some graffiti is beautiful) @NikR I'm okay with a fast forward.
  11. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    1 person gets murdered tonight. Then it's 2v2 mafia to townie Lynch. Coin toss for win, or for 1 mafia death. LYNCH Mafia murders 1 more townie at night. Then its 1v1 Lynch coin toss for win.
  12. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    I want to laugh react because of the NCEES comment, but then there's the part about murdering the doctor...
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