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  1. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Ahhh, look at all the lonely sheep-le. Yes. Squaretaper. Finally, non-suicidal townie death information.
  2. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Ranger cookies? ------------------------------------------------- @MEtoEE Are the red numbers on your spreadsheet the order the votes were cast in?
  3. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    Works for me. My essentials from mini shopping trip yesterday.
  4. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    @Audi driver, P.E.@JayKay PE@squaretaper LIT AF PE Too much WFH? Everyone's copying Squaretaper's approach? Phew... first time NOT WFH for ~3 weeks, for some field inspection. I'd like to report that the external world still exists, at least in my neck of the woods. And my nose is sore from wearing a bandanna. Edit: Oh, and I'm okay with going into weekend.
  5. Someone near me is making pancakes, which made me think of the baking thread. I decided to give it a go, and made quarantine pancakes for the first time ever, even though I had no eggs. Mission accomplished. Finally got to use some of the Grade A Maine Maple syrup my sis gave me, and some of the Fig Orange Jam that I've had in my fridge. (Not pictured: I cut up some fresh apple, and a little cinnamon on the fig cinnamon ones. Made me want to do some kind of stewed brown-sugar-cinnamon-apple topping....) But I'm almost out of flour, and I'm out of snacks. Maybe time to go shopping again.... You'll either get ripped, or a repetitive strain injury.
  6. Roarbark

    EB Mafia

    My driving eliminated a mafia member. I'd say that's pretty good driving .
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