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  1. Yeah mine looks like the bottom picture, but with a "sunrise" color image of Rainier. On 2/6 I got the email copy I requested on 1/17. I was expecting something like your top picture that looks more like my university diploma.
  2. Still haven't gotten one emailed to me, but I did get my certificate in the mail yesterday. It doesn't look nearly as cool as I had hoped lol. It's envelope sized, but it did come with a wallet sized copy. Not sure if I really want to carry that around 😂
  3. Has anyone been able to get a copy of their license or received their actual license yet? I get a bonus from work for getting my license, but they need a copy of it before I can submit all my paperwork... The new license site has an option for them to email a copy and I clicked that, but haven't received it yet.
  4. I got mine Saturday as well. Expires on my birthday in June. Let us know what they say about that. It would be pretty funny (or awful) if someone had a birthday this week and their license expired as soon as they got it.
  5. So you got yours in the original 4 week window. Did they not mail a letter as well? I thought someone mentioned they do that about a week after your license becomes active.
  6. I appreciate the amount of work you guys are putting into this. Keep the rest of us updated on your findings, it's like a game of spin the wheel at this point. "Will you get licensed today? Probably not, but stay tuned to find out!"
  7. I would put my AM/PM numbers about the same as yours. AM I had around 25 or more that I thought I for sure knew how to do and ran out of time on the rest. PM portion I was confident in closer to 35. I also expected them to be the other way around.
  8. I agree with TX_PE and pse. I was kind of surprised by the type of questions on the morning section. It didn't seem to match up with any of the 4 practice exams I worked on. I felt like there were a lot that I didn't know how to do right away and ended up not having enough time to finish them all. The afternoon session seemed more in line with what I was expecting. There were still a couple I didn't really know how to do, but I didn't have to rush to finish it.
  9. Someone in one of these threads mentioned that during the exam you can only have one reference book or binder on your work surface at a time. Was that the case for everyone? I'm making a binder that should have most of the info I need, but I would expect that at some point I will want to have that and the MERM out at the same time. Is that not allowed?
  10. Yeah that was the only difference I could find. Seems odd that they would make the same book with different covers. Thanks to you and cvan for the clarification.
  11. Do you know the difference between these two books? They both appear to be from 2008 with 160 questions, but two different ISBNs and different covers. Based on your response above, the second one is the correct book since it has the same cover as 2001. So I'm trying to figure out what the first book is for.
  12. Do you have any practice exams related to the TFS exam? I'm looking for 2011 or 2008 NCEES Mechanical Practice Exams.
  13. Thanks Audi. I actually saw your response with this on another thread. Coming back here to say thanks for the quick reply.
  14. Does anyone know if the PDF from the tuner website has a new link? I can't seem to find the Imperial units table that was mentioned here.
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