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  1. Someone in one of these threads mentioned that during the exam you can only have one reference book or binder on your work surface at a time. Was that the case for everyone? I'm making a binder that should have most of the info I need, but I would expect that at some point I will want to have that and the MERM out at the same time. Is that not allowed?
  2. Yeah that was the only difference I could find. Seems odd that they would make the same book with different covers. Thanks to you and cvan for the clarification.
  3. Do you know the difference between these two books? They both appear to be from 2008 with 160 questions, but two different ISBNs and different covers. Based on your response above, the second one is the correct book since it has the same cover as 2001. So I'm trying to figure out what the first book is for.
  4. Do you have any practice exams related to the TFS exam? I'm looking for 2011 or 2008 NCEES Mechanical Practice Exams.
  5. Thanks Audi. I actually saw your response with this on another thread. Coming back here to say thanks for the quick reply.
  6. Does anyone know if the PDF from the tuner website has a new link? I can't seem to find the Imperial units table that was mentioned here.
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