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  1. Hmm interesting. I didn't know you can do that but if that is the case then it is worth it
  2. Yeah good point but is there a part time PhD program that makes sense? From my experience, I feel PhD should be fully invested as you are in the labs for long hours. You really should not be doing anything else. That is just an opinion. I may be wrong.
  3. For people considering PhD, you work does not have to pay for it. 97% of PhD students are sponsored by the school either through fellowship (the best option), research assistantship (a very good second option) or teaching assistantship (the one I had which gives you a high workload in the PhD program, I think it is good for a Masters) . I was in a PhD program before I left with my Master's. Luckily I realized PhD wasn't for me before I was 4 years deep in research. I didn't pay tuition and was paid a stipend per month (about 1400 dollars) I would advise you all to apply and try and secure funding from professors or schools. Your work does not need to sponsor you and I doubt if any would when there really isn't a need for it in the workplace. MBA's on the other hand would be nice for them to pay for it as very few people are funded by the school through scholarships.
  4. Mechanical TFS in Texas I thought it went well in the morning I was able to calculate something for all the questions but I was only confident in 36 out of 40 For the afternoon, I was not able to calculate any of the options for 2 and was not confident in another 4. so 34 out of 40. The biggest thing I did was just actually doing multiple practice exams and not assume you got it because you know the formulas. I guess my estimate was right as I got 88 (70 out of 80)
  5. Eggyolk

    Texas Results

    Which of the mechanical exam did you do? Pretty amazing job by the way
  6. Eggyolk

    Texas Results

    88% on mechanical TFS
  7. Passed inTexas - got an 88
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