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  1. Ok so please let me get this straight. When signing up, I only need to sign up for this The $550 on demand for Transpo - I don't need to sign up for anything for the morning? Want to do it by the end of the month. Thanks!!
  2. This thread isn't exactly to find the cut offs, as each discipline is different. If you read through comments, you can see people feel a little bit more hopeful to see that others were in the same boat as them, whether it be seeing a similar score, or repeat takers.
  3. was the Transpo class just the afternooon or was it the morning too?
  4. Does EET on demand for a discipline cover am & pm, or you need to sign up for both a breadth and depth class? I have to take the PE again (transpo) and am trying to determine which class to take!
  5. Second attempt. 24/20. I studied way more for the PM this time around. I was more focused studying in general, worked through a ton of problems. I know a big issue was I did not brush up on the AM stuff like I should have (my previous score was 25/16), and I'm sure if I did, I'd have done better. Other than that, I don't know what else I could have done. I did school of PE on demand, had access to ASCE coursework too. I only got 3 pts better than last time, but I still felt this test was harder than the april!
  6. My dad felt guilty for booking a family vacation the week before the test and offered to pay for it in April if I failed this past October... so I'm going to take it one more time before I take a break.
  7. failed for my second time.... first time was 25AM, 16PM, this time was 24AM, 20PM. What kills me is there are some topics I did worse in the second time around. This sucks.
  8. Lcengingeer

    Cut Scores

    If you failed, please post your score from diagnostics. Texas, include percentages. Also include the test you took! Failed for the second time.... 44/80 - 24AM, 20PM Transportation
  9. wow so the spring results on day 1 was an outlier?
  10. I'm blaming you for jinxing PA because it's 1PM and we still don't have results. Nice job.
  11. Let's hope not. When I took the test in April, I found out right around lunch time I think. Pray we find out today or else I might drop 10lbs from anxiety.
  12. I don't get how people think it's funny to post fakes.. I wish every person who posted a fake had to wait an extra week lol
  13. Pennsylvania is NOT out yet! The thread was fake.
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