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  1. Banned because this avatar matches my name better and I didn't realized it until now.
  2. Banned for not understanding ChebyshevII PE and I are one and the same.
  3. Banned cause I'm back.
  4. Hey. Look at my old post. Mines took the whole 6 weeks.
  5. Actually, that's kinda what I did too. I would write myself little notes on the problems I would work out and tell myself don't fall for this trap. It's 8.34 x ........ to get to lbs/day. This test is worst than the child support trap I got stuck with.
  6. what about us folks that were loyal from like a long time ago (8 months)?
  8. It really is a point to see how close or far an individual is. We can all agree here that anything above a 57/80 seems to be passing. I've never seen a 57/80 failed.
  9. I've taken it four times (Civil PE Exam). My advice is to change things up. I even changed my job to reflect the new sub-discipline I was going to take (WRE). The last and final time I took it, I gave myself a year to unwind and untangle the cycle of repeat studying that did not work. There is a point of diminishing returns where if you keep studying it won't help out. I would read the CERM one day and do problems another day. I would make a table of contents that would span multiple references, so I can find a certain problem or type of problem anywhere. Look at my water treatment TOC for reference. I would try to reference a problem and make sure I can solve every missing variable in it without the other. Everything in parenthesis in my TOC would be the provided variables and the text in front would be the variable I'm looking for. The way I built the TOC, if I don't recall a question that i've study. I can still find it. What you wanna do is tap into your memory. You don't need to know everything step by step in memory as long as you wrote out the steps properly you should be fine. Good Luck!
  10. Mississippi responded this cycle. LOL>
  11. So a 39 state first day release. Not bad.
  12. It's a good cycle for us congrats y'all.
  13. Wow. Guess Louisiana is behind the times again. Second day release. We last in health care, schools and this.
  14. California is up. Ain't they usually a day-2 release. Come on Louisiana.
  15. I think someone have a topic in the 2019 folder already. The Texas scores are the ones we want.
  16. Good job, but I think we have been bothering them like crazy today. No more free lunch from them during the test anymore.
  17. Oh yeah them Mech-y. I was next to one also. I actually bought 2 cinder blocks with me and flipped them vertical to make a spot next to my desk. No proctor told me anything.
  18. Oh I know. $2000 in books were sold after my third try. Also, my fourth try would of made me buy the new HCM. I ain't about that.
  19. I think he meant having people here, not saying the pass or fail yet.
  20. I edited my post before you responded. I had more expertise in WRE, but followed the sheeps that said Transporation is the easiest. I knew It's not to me. WRE wasn't any easier, but I could connect to it more so.
  21. I took it three times consecutively, The last time I gave myself a one year break to reclaim myself to hit it hard. I passed on my fourth attempt not cause I kept trying, but I realized my methods were flawed in my studying and I had no business taking it in something I didn't know much about. That year does make a difference to me.
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