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  1. If anyone does decide to call. Please be nice to Allison. She has helped me multiple times from the application process onward, and is one of the most pleasant people in the world. She is seriously a hero of mine after all of this haha.
  2. good lord, I'm sorry. I was physically getting sick yesterday, after 72 straight hours of that stress, I can't imagine another day of it... godspeed RI board!
  3. It's been a blast so far, got me through the rollercoaster anyway. Thanks!
  4. For sure, I'll check my schedule tomorrow. Any other MNers up for a beer next week?
  5. You bet, I won't be the hero they want, but I can be the hero they deserve.
  6. I was doubting me too... Actually left my computer at 4pm. Got a buzz on my phone while leaving work, pulled into a ditch and checked haha. After 24+ hours of continuous f5 hitting, this is what happened...
  7. Nevermind! MN is in and I passed! literally got the notification as I was leaving the work parking lot.
  8. whelp, looks like everything I've been told was a lie designed specifically to make me go through the stages of grief again. Time to go home and pound a box of mac and cheese... uncooked.
  9. I called board again 20ish min ago. Letters have been sent, website will update soon, end of business at latest.
  10. MN peeps, called board again, letters have been sent, and to paraphrase: results are released, should be able to see them shortly, by end of day at the latest
  11. so they've already run statistics on my results that I'm not allowed to see for some arbitrary reason...super electrical power has a 50% pass rate... double super
  12. They have schools in Georgia? Huh... go figure... well good for them
  13. Yeah, Fulton is great, Modist is up in that area too. I'm down for some Fulton though... this week is pretty rough for my schedule however
  14. The drinks will be absolutely necessary either way . Huh, never been to Kips before, but I don't get down to St Louis Park often... I was toying with the idea of hitting up Dangerous Man Brewing today for my sorrowful/joyful drinking.
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