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  1. Passed on my second attempt, keep it mind you don't get brownie points for passing on your first try or 10th try, all that matters is that you pass once
  2. Maybe you just haven't found your niche within Engineering, maybe you're better off in another role (sales, Project Management, Design, QA, etc) or maybe you're in an industry that you're not passionate about. regarding recovering from the exam, Don't look or contemplate studying again for at least a month, then get back on it. My study habit was essentially studying 3 different practice exams ( 2016 NCEES, 2001 NCEES, and Slay the PE) I also studied a bit of the PPI study guide to nail all the topics.
  3. Just pass if you fail you get a diagnostic report, but I heard for Texas, you get a diagnostic report if you pass as well, but I'm not 100% sure
  4. For this past APril exam, I got an email around 9am for the results, it feels like it's already 10am but it's barely 8:45 right now hahaha edit: I checked my email again, you were right, it was 10am when I found out this past april. Which means Hopefully we'll get something in an hour !!
  5. just go bro. you'll feel a lot better and more calm when you do find out
  6. All out mutt haha. One parent is chihuahua with dachshund/Pomeranian. The other parent is chihuahua with poodle/Pekingese. to keep it easy I just say chihuahua mix lol
  7. doubt it, got a 61% last time and failed, however I do think I was very close to the cut-off score though, probably by like 2 or 3 questions 😕
  8. just FYI everyone, Blue Origin is having a rocket launch and you can stream it live:
  9. I messaged someone on the NCEES live chat this morning, I asked if the results are being released this week and they said "8-10 weeks and they don't have any further information" I'm kinda feeling the results come next week...Here comes another weekend full wondrous anxiety
  10. I felt the morning one was slightly more difficult overall, but both the Afternoon and Morning portions for thermal fluids wasn't bad at all imo. This is my second time taking it and felt really good walking out of the exam, I really hope this is my last time having to take it. I took it the first time this past April and all though I was more prepared this time around I really think the April one was harder by a decent margin, especially the afternoon portion, Good grief that was difficult.
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