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  1. hectomatic

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    45/80 Civil - Construction.
  2. I did not pass and my checklist remains "unchecked". So it doesn't technically confirm pass/fail. Just pass.
  3. As the last season NJ thread mentioned- their office is basically a dumpster fire. I was seat 16 and still no update.
  4. Yeah, no luck. Going to keep waiting. 😅
  5. Hopefully its completely arbitrary they way the checklist is being updated. Also does the checklist update to "fail" if one does not pass?
  6. Also tested in Newark and last name starts with D; and mine still shows unchecked. lol RIP.
  7. yeap! "unchecked" Passed PE Exam Unchecked
  8. Just called their office number ((973) 504 6460) and they said they do not have results yet and have to wait 2 weeks. I am assuming they are severely backlogged with paperwork.
  9. Wow NJ killing me with the suspense.
  10. Contacted the NJ board, they said it could take "up to a week".
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