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  1. Jersey is last as always. I am expecting to see results either Wednesday or Thursday next week.
  2. Nope I have been doing my solo thing this whole time. PM me if you are interested.
  3. @civilpe_const where did you find the old NCEES practice exams?
  4. I definitely did not pass practice exam and was running behind schedule.
  5. Hello, I will be a second time test taker for the Fall PE Civil / Construction and I was wondering if anyone is interested in creating a study group. While some people are better of studying alone, others out there might be interested other wise. Whether its for a regular studying routine or help with specific problem solving - everyone is welcome. Comment below if you are interested. I am located in NJ between Rutgers NB / NJIT and willing to have weekly study sessions. Thanks.
  6. I took EET for the morning and afternoon section (on demand) and I failed. However, I would say I failed but I did not budget my time properly. I have been out of school for almost 7 years now and I underestimated how long it would take me to recall basic concepts. My weakness was especially structural. My other weakness was the PM section- means and methods / scheduling / operations and methods. Furthermore, I also failed to do decent amount practice exams. I did the EET homework and end of course exam + the official NCESS booklet exam but clearly I needed more practice. Combined with redoing the EET course, focus on weak sections and more practice exams, I am hoping to pass next round. Hope this insight helps. I am planning on creating a chat group/fb group for October 2019 Construction test takers.
  7. hectomatic

    Cut scores

    45/80 Civil - Construction.
  8. I did not pass and my checklist remains "unchecked". So it doesn't technically confirm pass/fail. Just pass.
  9. As the last season NJ thread mentioned- their office is basically a dumpster fire. I was seat 16 and still no update.
  10. Yeah, no luck. Going to keep waiting. 😅
  11. Hopefully its completely arbitrary they way the checklist is being updated. Also does the checklist update to "fail" if one does not pass?
  12. Also tested in Newark and last name starts with D; and mine still shows unchecked. lol RIP.
  13. yeap! "unchecked" Passed PE Exam Unchecked
  14. Just called their office number ((973) 504 6460) and they said they do not have results yet and have to wait 2 weeks. I am assuming they are severely backlogged with paperwork.
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