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  1. I got an email this morning stating I was approved for my PE license and the license number is higher than this range with the same issue date (May 29). I assume the website will update with more tomorrow, check your emails in the meantime.
  2. Is it typical for the DOL to take so long to process license numbers? I understand they give themselves four weeks but using the discussion earlier and checking the highest license number (currently #57577), this is the only new number being issued on May 28, as #57576 was issued on May 24. Seems rather slow to process only one license on a Tuesday. Maybe I'm just too anxious and should step away from the computer...
  3. Just to clarify since I know different states have different requirements, Washington just sends out the license numbers and certificates after passing right? No additional registration forms/fees?
  4. Civil - Structural, passed my first time taking it. I'm so excited right now!
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