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  1. What are we going to do? I was hoping to have a nice expensive certificate that i could add to the pile of crap with my diplomas (that have never been removed from the cardboard tubes they came in)! as a side note, DoS didnt even properly fold my license in half to fit in the envelope... so if i was inclined to frame it, there would be a large crease through it haha. PA FTW!
  2. isn't funding the PA DOS the point of this license?
  3. Is anyone else's issue date post dated to 4/5? That seems a bit odd...
  4. while somehow skipping the 'L's
  5. Im seeing some M's now too...
  6. tbauer got his yesterday...
  7. Congrats! At this rate only 2 more weeks until they get to the 'L's
  8. older books might be better, actually. In the official NCEES practice test, they require a calculation method / lookup from ASHRAE that was removed from the 2017 fundamentals book due to its wild inaccuracy in practice... I hope they wouldnt make that mistake on a real test, but interesting none-the-less... in that perticualr practice problem, you would need the 2013 book or earlier.
  9. looks like they are up to the 'G's by last name (via license search)... almost there!!!!
  10. I watched Dan Malloy's videos too as my main method of studying and passed, finishing very early in each section, so that is a valid method of studying. I think psychometric are easy points- its mostly about having the right chart: print (and laminate) the 7 ASHRAE psychometric charts available online (sea level, high and low altitude, high and low temp) AND print the one from engineering toolbox (which loses the SHR gauge in the top left, but adds vapor pressure, enthalpy and dewpoint scales to the right side 'y-axis'). There were a bunch of pure lookup problems- you need ALL 4 ASHRAE books. the fundamentals will get you most of the questions, but there were several questions that were grade-school difficulty questions, but only if you had the right lookup table, and they were impossible without it. I think this might help in the "systems" part of your NCEES breakdown.
  11. agree with cvanwy02, it was good for reinforcing the chapters in the MERM, but not applicable to the test, for the most part. If you want it anyways, im looking to sell my copy (and the MERM and NCEES practice exam)
  12. so i guess they intend to use the full 2-week window...
  13. Haha, I thought that was just me. I fully expect to never actually stamp anything in my life.
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