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  1. Haha, I thought that was just me. I fully expect to never actually stamp anything in my life.
  2. I celebrated on tuesday with a 750ml of Belgian quad... should have read the bottle before i committed myself to it- put me right to bed. i think the celebration can continue tonight. I recommend Bonn Place in south-side bethlehem if you havent been. sweet micro-brewery.
  3. maybe today? the fall test seemed to be about 3 days...
  4. yea, i was hoping to print new business cards for next week (a regional trade show)... so much for that.
  5. yea- i was too scared to see the results so i spared my F5 on the NCEES page
  6. so i should give my F5 key a break, i guess...
  7. any idea when PALs gets updated?
  8. Philly, Passed HVAC - 1st try
  9. 9 years out of school, studied (read the MERM and watched youtube videos of problems being solved) 20 hrs and took the 8hr practice exam. passed HVAC first try. buy/rent/barrow/steal ALL 4 ASHRAE books.
  10. Passed HVAC - i thought i lived up to being having one of the highest statistical pass rates. i got a 63/80 of the NCEES practice exam after 15 hours of studying- that was slightly harder than the real thing- id guess i got 70+ on the real one. I only wasn't sure on 3-4 in each section and most of those were pure lookup type questions which i had time to find. I finished 25 minutes early in the morning and 45 minutes in the afternoon. The MERM study guide had me nervous (those questions are crazy hard), but 20 hours total of studying and a full 8 hr practice test were enough for NCEES i guess.
  11. I couldn't look- i had my wife log on and check for me haha. HVAC in PA PASS!!!
  12. Wise choice- I would expect a sufficiently large factor-of-safety from any engineer worth a damn.
  13. im in Bethlehem... i could use a post-release brew (one way or another)...
  14. of course- so we'll see it next month. does PA do anything right? At least its not NJ I guess...
  15. Not sure if i want PA to post this early in the morning... not sure which is worse, not knowing or potentially ruining the rest of the day...
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