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  1. I passed the January exams and am still waiting
  2. Do you mind sharing when you passed the last exam and which evaluator you have? Mine didn't post.
  3. That's ridiculous. I really hope it doesn't give validity to what a previous poster said regarding the A-G evaluator being behind as that's the range I fall in as well
  4. Has anyone who passed the January exams had their number post yet?
  5. I used EET for the 8 hr exam and it was great, so I'm sure their Seismic material is top notch as well
  6. For those of you studying for seismic, buy the Hiner book and study it cover to cover. It covers everything you need and prepares you well. Should be all you need
  7. So looks like either tomorrow or next Monday!
  8. September 2019 Results for seismic came out at 4pm
  9. Everytime you call they extend the release one day
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