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    "All models are wrong, but some are useful." -G. Box

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  1. That's some quality sniping
  2. Not much. I used to play lots of video game "back in the day" but I've been out of it for a while now. My son is kinda getting me back into playing stuff. He has a Switch, and I have a gaming laptop. I mostly play single-player games. It takes more time than I have to get good at online multiplayer. Right now I'm playing both "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" on Switch and 'XCOM 2" on PC. I'm pretty close to the end of both. I often play "Smash Bros Ultimate" with my son, but we both get our butts kicked if we play online. Not sure what I'll start next, maybe the "Long War" mod to XCOM 2. I've also though about getting into the old "Hitman" games and the old "Assassin's Creed" games. Or maybe the recent reboots of "Doom" and "Tomb Raider" (both series I played a lot of back in the day). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I'll play. confession: I was considering modding this time because my wife is out of town so my time in the evening will be more free to write. But I'm kinda glad that @SaltySteve volunteered. Now I can spend my wifeless evenings playing video games and watching action or scifi movies.
  4. Banned for using an incomplete sentence
  5. I was a student member of several organizations in college and active with my school chapters even holding officer positions, but not really with the national org. In college I was a member of: ASME NSBE Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Sigma (Do honor societies count as professional organizations?) But I haven't been involved since school.
  6. I know you're doing your work and working to improve @Slay the P.E.'s course content. But (I'm sure you realized this) you're doing a HUGE favor to mechanical engineers everywhere by submitting these errors to NCEES. ... I wish/hope someone on the MDM side is getting this deep into finding errors.
  7. No. This is a bunch of different materials. I just wanted to get them into the same file for easy comparisons. That chart isn't super useful by itself, but if you filter it for only the ones you're interested in, then it becomes pretty handy. 7 material "families": acetal, polypropylene, nylon, polyurethane, polyethelene, and ployketone With multiple formulations and/or temperatures for most of them Note: I hid all the numbers because it's considered company proprietary data
  8. Anyone hungry? I made spaghetti
  9. I'll play this week if that's a thing.
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