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    "All models are wrong, but some are useful." -G. Box

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  1. I never get invited to the townie group messages, even when I'm a townie 😥
  2. I read that as you're listed that you will be the sealing engineer on a future project that hasn't happened yet. Right? Yeah, if you're listed as the sealing engineer on a past project when you're not licensed in that state, you'd definitely want to get that corrected.
  3. Anybody know who the vigilante is?
  4. Do we get to know who was killed by mafia and who was killed by the vig? Is it safe to assume that both were townies since the game is still going?
  5. Yeah, that's what I figured. IIRC, you made some other little tweeks to names, right?
  6. Did I miss the announcement of the Gilmore Girls theme?
  7. Is it 15 specific seminars, or you get to pick 15 from a full catalog? I wouldn't want to take something irrelevant to my work (e.g. building codes or something)
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I genuinely appreciate the info and perspectives.
  9. Nah, that's BS. Eli and Archie were assholes for doing that shit. That's some privileged bullshit. And it didn't even really matter because the Chargers ended up being a pretty good team. Over their careers the Chargers have a slightly better record than the Giants, but the Eli got a couple rings with the Giants. I wonder how things would have played out differently.
  10. Lit AF... Lit can mean drunk or high, but it can also mean awesome/fun/crazy (i.e. that party was lit) AF mean ass fuck a generic exclamation of grandness This is from my old ass mind, so take it with a grain of salt. EDIT:::: WOW, I just caught my typo ... oops AF means "as fuck" not "ass fuck" 😂
  11. Just to put a finer point on it. I've never seen so much last minute vote changing on day 1, unless someone was just trying to protect themselves. Especially with no discussion in the main thread. My working theory is that both @_dude_ and @chart are mafia. When they were both leading in votes the mafia came together to sacrifice one while taking attention away from the rest of them. I guess I'm suspicious of all the day1 vote switchers.
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