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    "All models are wrong, but some are useful." -G. Box

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  1. To my knowledge the only "rule" I've seen on EB is don't post exam problems. I think your dogs nuts are fine.
  2. Doesn't the mafia use baseball bats? suspicious
  3. Yeah, in my deep south opinion. The south looks something like this... Miami is definitely not the south and Houston is the only city in Texas I'll claim, all the rest is "West"
  4. I didn't know that, but just shared an article about it. Oh to be young and naive again.
  5. Interesting. I stand corrected. I swear I remember watching a lot of Babylon 5 and then DS9 premiering, but it looks like they both came out at basically the same time Jan 93 for DS9 and Feb 93 for Babylon. Related, but unknown at the time I made my original point. I found this is my googling. Even though they came out at the same time, there is evidence that DS9 producers were actively ripping off B5.
  6. I also grew up on TNG and loved it. I went back and watch some recently and it doesn't hold up as well as I hoped. Still very good, but not amazing like I thought it was back in the 90s. DS9 SUCKED!!!! It was a shitty rip off of Babylon 5. DS9 is the worst of all the series IMO.
  7. Yeah it depends on the recipe. Marshmallow fondant is delicious.
  8. Since no one bother to read this last time. I will once again try to interject some logic...
  9. Reposting this to provide everyone a little perspective, but also because I'm hoping that it helps @Cocoa1210 peacefully deal with the reality of the situation...
  10. Again, not to be a stickler, but this should be added to the rules. #ImJustSaying The way it's written now, I would disagree. But we're all friends here, so I'm not stressing over it.
  11. Not to be the requirements reading engineer, but the way I read the rules, after you are dead, you are free to give out any and all information that you have EXCEPT what your role was. Am I incorrect? EDIT: daytime town lynchings are public, so the mod reveals the role. So this really only applies to nighttime killings, right?
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