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  1. Banned for bad engineering jokes
  2. Nice haul. I like Lindt more than Ghirardelli.
  3. (I can't tell what day it is, so playing through the weekend is fine with me.)
  4. yeah, sorry, getting you hours cuts sucks. Good luck with everything.
  5. It is really a pouring shield; I always thought it was more of a splatter shield. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We have a shield, never even tried it. Reducing the open area seems counter-productive. I want more open area, not less. I just turn the speed down and add ingredients slowly to avoid splatter.
  6. So my wife hasn't been sleeping well. It happens sometimes, but I think this whole coronavirus situation is triggering her anxiety. I just ordered a weighted blanket for her; sshhh it's a surprise. She loves blankets and has been wanting to try a weighted blanket. And I'm hoping this will help her get some rest.
  7. Banned for setting expectations.
  8. (For tagging purposes... @LyceeFruit PE I vote for @Audi driver, P.E. so he will shut the **** up)
  9. that makes sense I guess I need to do some strategic attachment cleaning
  10. I usually just paste images directly into the reply box if I"m on desktop. On mobile I click "choose files" and select the file. I wonder if it make a difference. I would have expect it to go away, but it didn't seem to. I just deleted the "it's been 2 week" meme that I shared in mafia, but I still see it in the thread. Do you?
  11. @Road Guy can I ask a site-related question that isn't tapatalk. All images that I posted are saved under "My attachments," and there seems to be an upload limit. If I delete something from "My attachments" it looks like it does not go away within the post. Can you confirm that I understand the behavior correctly? If so, it's safe for me to delete all of my attachments, right?
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