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  1. Hm, interesting question. I don't know. Maybe just to save money. If you don't need the clearance anymore you (or whoever is paying for it, like your company) my withdraw to save some of the cost. I know a clearance can cost thousands of dollars per person. (Google says $3k to $15k.) But I don't know exactly when in the process those costs are incurred.
  2. I'm all about buying used reference books, not just for the PE exam, but for work in general. I had a list of books I wanted, and I setup alerts for anytime those books were less than $60. I think I've gotten all of them by now. I was often able to get good books cheap when libraries would sell off their old books.
  3. For the record, I sent that before he was cut. #imjustsaying
  4. Nah, no one is going to be willing to touch him #ironic
  5. jean15paul

    EB Mafia

    HAHAHA. Our conveyor elevator calculator.
  6. You can stream using the NFL app
  7. jean15paul

    EB Mafia

    Sorry. I didn't list everyone. Just those I thought might put up with me.
  8. jean15paul

    EB Mafia

    Getting killed kinda sucks, but all that exposition felt good. 😀 @ChebyshevII PE @leggo PE will y'all show me around the afterlife? Where do the nerds hang out? And why do we spell it "ded"?
  9. jean15paul

    EB Mafia

    Maybe the mafia will feel charitable and not off anyone tonight.
  10. jean15paul

    EB Mafia

    I guess I should have been more specific and said that RB must not believe me, because he voted for me after that.
  11. jean15paul

    EB Mafia

    Looks like the votes aren't changing. I guess I'll have to spill my guts before my guts get spilled. Everything I've said this round in the main thread and PM has been true except for one thing. When I told Roarbark that I'm a regular townie that was a lie. I'm the doctor. Even if admitting this now saves me from this lynching, I'm sure I'll get killed by the mafia tonight, but at this point, whatever. I protected Cheby on night 1 and vhab on night 2. I told all this to RB, Cheby, and Blybrook today after RB's cop explaination convinced me. But either they didn't believe me, or it was all a con and they are mafia. (Probably just didn't believe me.) At this point I'm dead either today or tonight. If I die today and the mafia gets someone tonight, that's game I think.
  12. jean15paul

    EB Mafia

    Cool, so let's all switch off of me and @vhab49_PE, and vote for someone else
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