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  1. Not the Saints. We classy
  2. CBS has answered your original question. WHO DAT 4 life!
  3. Congratulation on passing. It's an intense exam.
  4. @Fil_Engr I called LAPELS yesterday and spoke to Janet Lindsey, the Applications Manager. I explained that I passed the exam in October 2018 and that my Part 2 application is already in work when I found out about the new online process. She said it's fine to "just send in what I have." So I'm going to continue with the paper process. I'm finished with everything except obtaining the recommendations forms and experience verification forms. I'm hoping to get that done this month. It's probably worth trying to finish ASAP because I'm sure at some point they will stop accepting the paper applications.
  5. Wait the process has changed? I'm in the same boat. Passed the Mechanical PE in October (2018). I finished documenting all my work history last month and started asking for references/work verification this week. I'm going to have to look into this when I have more time.
  6. How have I not found this website before? I was just Googling "PE vs P.E." in anticipation of getting my license, and I found this forum. Looks like a cool place. Anyway, I'm a mechanical engineer from New Orleans. Been working for 15 years now. I took the Mechanical PE exam (Mechanical Systems and Materials) in October 2018 and passed. Now I'm working on collecting all of the recommendations and work history verification that I need. Looking forward to finally getting licensed, even though I have no immediate plans to use my stamp. It's just always been a personal goal. Any advice for a new member?
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