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  1. I called Lapels in May, spoke to Janet. I had already done everything in the old paper-based application, and she said that I could still submit like that. (Still waiting on 2 work verification forms ). Let me know how it goes with the new process. Edit for non-Louisianians... LAPELS = Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board
  2. Wow. This never even occurred to me but it's a really good question. I brought in my notes from my prep class including TONS of worked out example problems to reference, and they were all in pencil. I'm glad it wasn't an issue.
  3. Genuine question... Why did you give the ethnicity of your neighbor's nanny, but not your friend, your wife, or the tree? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. @Fisherman504 Congrats on passing. I see you're from my neck of the woods (I'm from New Orleans.) How would you compare the New Orleans location to the Baton Rouge location. I took it in New Orleans at the Pontchartrain Center, but I heard that the setup isn't as good as Baton Rouge. Thoughts?
  5. I don't know @Audi driver, P.E.. In my experience, once mechanical engineers are out of school and into their careers, there seems to be almost no crossover. You're either a "thermo/fluids" mechanical engineer OR a "solid-mechanics" mechanical engineer. Obviously I'm only speaking anecdotally based on my (15 year) career, but I don't think I've known any mechanical engineers who have transitioned between the two specialties.
  6. @DexterYan NCEES changed the Mechanical Engineering PE exam format in April of 2017. There is no more breath and depth sections. The full 8 hour exam is in your chosen specialty. See the NCEES info on the ME MDM exam here: So you shouldn't spend any time on the thermo, fluids, or HVAC sections. The only exception that comes to mind is that some of the work-energy theory that applies to both thermo/fluids and solid mechanics in buried in the thermo/fluids chapters. So it might be worth seeking that out in the book. In my 13th edition of the MERM, it's chapter 22 "Energy, Work, and Power". Much of that definitely applies to MDM.
  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. So that means every engineer working in every industry has to become licensed? Does that mean every engineering drawing released has to be stamped? What are the implications for liability? My understanding of the industrial exemption is, the engineer doesn't need to be licensed because they aren't accepting the responsibility/liability for the design. Their company is absorbing all liability. For example Boeing could be sued for a hypothetical faulty design, but not the individual engineers responsible for that hypothetical faulty design. (I'm not trying to pick on Boeing. I know the root causes of and the responsibility for the crashes are still TBD. It's just the first example that came to mind.)
  9. This isn't my work. My supervisor found it recently, and it's so useful. I don't know about you, but I often have graphs without access to the data, and I need to get numbers. Here's a free online tool that extract the data from plots and graphs for you and exports as a CSV or JSON. Check it out.
  10. Police: Florida man 'swung a sword' in road-rage attack -
  11. I would have thought this would have been at the discretion of your state board, and not up to NCEES.
  12. The picture isn't loading for me. But it sounds like you're trying to change a translation (pushed or pulled by thumb) into a rotation. That sounds like a piston; a translation getting turned into a rotation. Would something like this work? So you thumb pushes the piston and causes the laser to rotate? You'd just have to limit the stroke of the piston to only operate over your 180 degrees? Again, sorry if this is way off base. I can't see your picture.
  13. I just started a new XCOM 2 campaign. First time playing with the War of the Chosen expansion.
  14. Yall would probably enjoy this (fun video)
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