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  1. Passed Civil Transportation PE on my first try. I took School of PE to prepare for the exam. I personally recommend doing the on-site class for the AM Material. It's difficult to stay focused if you are taking the class on your computer. School of PE prepared really well for the morning section but I feel like they really rushed to cover all the PM material. Preparing for the PM section was tough since the School of PE course ends two weeks before the exam. Therefore, you have a very short amount of time to prepare for the PM section. HSM and HCM material were stuff that I never had to use at work. It was definitely tough to learn all the concepts before the exam. I felt like I got 30-35 give or take in the morning section. The afternoon section was tough. There were some questions that I have never seen before and I had to make an educated guess using good engineer judgment or go YOLO and put "C". I felt like I was confident that I had the correct answer for 22-26 questions. I got an answer but I wasn't sure on 10 questions. I YOLO guessed on 7. TL;DR AM: 30-35 (Confident) PM: 22-26 (Confident)
  2. kohkohpuffz

    Virginia Results

    I couldn't work all day since Alabama results first came out....... Civil Transpo First time. Passed!
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