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  1. From a very happy person to get good results today I can not recommend enough The ElectricalPE review course by @Zach Stone, P.E. 299 for 1 month is so so so so so worth it. Plan a month and cram like no other. Do it early and if you need more do a second.
  2. All I have to say is the ElectricalPE review course by @Zach Stone, P.E. I know my answer is not the answer for most people. I am a good test taker. But that is all I did. Took his recommendations on what to bring (expensive) and then I did his online class 3/5 thru 4/5 and no joke I paid 299 for the month and in hindsight it was worth so so so so much more. That course and online class was so spot on. Not the problems, but concepts were the exact exam. I only did last 30 days before exam and maybe the urgency made me do it day and night, so maybe good to procrastinate. But if I was to do again I would spread it out. Do all his content before classes start and get a lot out of online class. The other helpful thing I did was there were some concept that I never felt good about in college or now. I just punted them. I did not study them. Other than filling in a bubble I did not waste test time. Anyone in SF Bay area that wants to buy my suitcase of what I took to exam send me a PM
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  5. Sorry, I am more of lurker, I knew you were power and thank you for answer in power sub forum. Freaked out because I know I am in 48-54 range.
  6. If you don’t mind, score that didn’t pass. nervous in ca
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