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  1. My company does $2500 raise and pays for the hotel, exam fee, and 200 bucks in material (books, etc.). They also pay for business cards afterwards. And your name is mentioned in the newsletters if you pass.
  2. $350 dollar pencil indeed
  3. I passed with that one! In TX. I took it and will probably frame it with the certificate
  4. Passed Civil Transportation. Score is 70%
  5. I was able to see only percentage nothing else. TX does not release any other info
  6. AM was kinda easier than I expected but I had lots of TestMasters and School of PE material to practice so that helped definitely. PM was harder than I expected. I am traffic operations person - HCM and traffic singals, and I am not really familiar with design. So Green Book and Roadside Design Guide is not something that I use on a regular basis. And you need to be familiar with those for sure.
  7. Feel you..I was waiting TX to release yesterday and was anxious all day long
  8. Didn't want to be rude but my boss was talking about how he had to wait for his PE results in the mail and it took forever to arrive. He did the test in Arkansas like 15 years ago. So you mentioning the mail made me laugh. Sorry about that..I hope you get your results soon and that you pass
  9. For PE Transportation, I find School of PE and Test Masters to be very useful.
  10. Yes the PM was tougher than I expected. After the AM I felt like, ok I think AM wasn't that bad and now I am gonna kill the PM. Well when I saw the PM I was like - well it seems it wont be that easy in the end. But I passed.
  11. Thanks for all your hard work on the map
  12. If in TX you can get scores this afternoon https://engineers.texas.gov/exam_check_grades.php
  13. 7:19am TX is out
  14. Dr_J

    Texas Results

    7:19am tx is out. I Passed!
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