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  1. Connecticut is typically day 2. The past couple cycles, they updated their website saying results would be released by the next day, and results were released 30-60 minutes later.
  2. I don’t think that 54 is quite as reliable as it’s being treated. People seem to be quoting it across threads, but it’s secondhand info from a coworker who may have been trying to save some face.
  3. Passed first time, pretty surprised. I didn’t feel confident in the morning, but the afternoon was worse. Didn’t have time during the exam to analyze if how many I was confident in, but probably 20-25 in the morning and 15-20 in the afternoon. I studied for about 20 hours in the couple weeks leading up to it (had some family issues that prevented more preparation), mostly practice tests. I’ve always been good at standardized tests though.
  4. I’ve seen a lot of screenshots with green “pass” results but none that didn’t pass this time around. Does NCEES show a red “fail” instead?
  5. Congratulations! 3rd time is the charm
  6. Passed WRE first attempt!
  7. check the timestamps
  8. Last fall they posted a similar message (results will be released by the next day) and people got results in the next hour.
  9. She is the person you submit your application to for CT. (Sorry for discussing this on the results thread)
  10. It’s taking everything in me to not call Barbara and ask her what’s taking so long
  11. They haven’t been released yet. From what I can tell of the recent historic data, when the first states release later in the day, CT tends to be day 2 (although they were day 1 last April!) In the past they’ve updated the website saying the results will be forthcoming within a day or two, but based on meeting minutes it seems like that site isn’t updated as frequently anymore. https://portal.ct.gov/DCP/License-Services-Division/All-License-Applications/Professional-Engineers-and-Land-Surveyors-Licensing
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