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  1. soyrizo breakfast burrito + coffee
  2. ~150 - 200 hours. Took Dr. Tom's Classroom since my degree is in Chemical and I was taking Mechanical TFS. A lot of similarities shared between the disciplines but there were things I thought Dr. Tom's Classroom helped me prepare for. Pass on first attempt.
  3. TheLostChemE


    Got that green pass!
  4. Thank you for all that you've done previously and for us this round, RB!
  5. TheLostChemE


    This is true! I'm very much in "doubt." Time will tell...
  6. TheLostChemE


    Looks like we'll be getting results bright and early tomorrow, probably before 6 am... I really wish we could've gotten them this afternoon so a fail wouldn't totally ruin the whole day 😕
  7. I don't think I will look at results at work...but I keep refreshing my e-mail because I want to know they are available to look at.
  8. Isn't it up to the state board to decide when the results will be released...not the NCEES specifically? 🙄
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