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  1. I didn't take any prep courses - just the NCEES practice test and 6-minute solutions (which were almost pretty much a waste of time) and a ton of time in the CERM. I think the reason I felt rocked by the afternoon was so much environmental stuff that wasn't in the CERM, but I can say confidently that knowing the CERM inside and out is the reason I passed.
  2. Montana is out on NCEES now
  3. No I agree with you - I felt the afternoon was way heavier on environmental than the practice test or 6-minute solutions. I felt great about the morning, but the afternoon was so much harder than I expected.
  4. For myself and the other I know that passed, NCEES still shows results pending but we've both received our licenses and are updated on the board website as professional engineers with active status. I received my email almost an hour after the friend who passed, but it's really weird that NCEES still hasn't released results.
  5. I received an email for Civil-WRE yesterday, and so did another friend who passed WRE in MT. Can't speak for any other disciplines though.
  6. Passed in MT, but interested in figuring out the cut score. Is it a different cut score for every discipline?
  7. The morning session there were probably ~5 that I wasn't pretty certain I had right. The afternoon (WRE) I felt awful. Filled in bubbles with no calculations at all for at least 6 and a lot of others that I had very little confidence in.
  8. Couldn't tell you for sure. I passed so I received a congratulatory email and a separate one with my license attached. The only other person I know who took it here also passed.
  9. Montana Board's emails are going out, but results aren't posted on NCEES yet.
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