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  1. I am happy that work has tried to give me some time to study and yes I understand this is not a common practice. Also that’s great that you passed with all of that on your plate! Keep hearing people pass after the 4th time and that’s why I haven’t given up yet. The coworker passed first try but was given ideal study opportunities. I felt like the past two times I took it I was very close to passing. The second attempt I got the most study time but also had mountains of work on my desk compared to the work load my coworkers had. The third time I studied completely outside of work hours but was allowed to come in early but still work 40 hrs. What really annoyed me was that I planned vacation days in advance and was asked if I could still come into work since we were busy and I was “just studying”. I have been taking a different approach this time and hopefully can finally pass this thing! Also pretty sure HR wouldn’t be happy to have to make daily adjustments to a salary workers pay over the next 8 weeks lol.
  2. Hey that’s awesome! I’m curious, how much of the afternoon material do you use daily? I mostly deal with loading and steel all day. I had classes in school for steel, concrete and foundations. Wood, masonry, AASHTO and the rest I have been learning since so started to study for the PE.
  3. I agree with you that having a policy in place would allow fair opportunities throughout the company. Thank you for sharing your company’s policy. If I asked my boss about the PE exam and he provided me the above information I would have taken some time to see how I could fit this into my schedule and go from there. I don’t work in a big city, actually a more rural area. It seems that there is a “good boy” system that is slowly being pushed out but it’s not gone yet. When I was told I wouldn’t be given the same opportunities as my coworker I did bring up that maybe there needs to be a policy set in place to avoid this issue in the future but nothing came of it. And yeah I am thankful that a class was covered and some of my materials. I haven’t asked for anymore expenses to be covered since the first time I took it. I guess a part of me is having trouble brushing off the frustration of being treated differently than the person sitting three feet from me, but that’s life sometimes!
  4. Thanks and yes this test is very stressful. I even asked my boss why isn’t there a policy for engineers going for their PE and he had no answer for me. Yeah that’s what I asked for last time. You do have a point about not owing anyone anything. Maybe it’s the way to go this round too.
  5. To clear up the references, I had some available to me when I first started but codes I don’t use at work had to be bought. Which meant being cleared by the big boss and that took forever. I would have loved to pass my first time but I have come to accept that it was a learning experience that I learned from greatly. I have switched up my study habits and I’m currently working on my weaknesses to hopefully get me to a pass this round. One of my biggest issues is the night before and just sleeping. That is the goal right now, get my PE and if things don’t turn around I have the option to leave!
  6. Comments on (1)- policy wasn’t clear and Head of engineering ( my boss’s boss) said he would cover the class and references like they did for my coworker. But he wanted to see if other plants had the references before buying them. I did ask after my first attempt about how they wanted to handle the class and they just reimbursed me but any references that head of engineering didn’t find I ended up buying myself. I learned my lesson there for sure. Comments on (2) - coworker’s boss is a Chef Engineer who got approval from the Head of engineering for my coworker’s study opportunities. My boss is chef engineer of just a different plant and had to ask the same guy for me and I got a no in person from both of them after they talked about it. I know when my boss and his boss took the PE they studied at work. This is very common in this company to allow an engineer some extra time to focus on the PE. I was just hoping to be treated equally that’s all. Comments on (3)- he did allow me some time here but gosh it was random and I was bringing in all my structural depth books to work daily just hoping to get more than my lunch to study. Yes I understand that my company didn’t have to give me anything more than the written approval and signature to sit for the PE. I am just beyond confused why I am being treated so differently than others before me.
  7. We were slammed when my coworker took it. I was even picking up extra work at coworkers plant to help out. Currently they are not desperate but there are not many PEs in the office and once some of the older PEs retire they would benefit from me getting my PE. They also are needing PEs to get licensed in more states as well.
  8. I have an ongoing battle with my boss to allow me the same opportunities for PE studying as my one coworker did when they took the test a few years back. I have been struggling to pass the PE and going on attempt number four for April 2020. A little background info this coworker got roughly 8 weeks of one day off a week to study from home. All expenses were covered from the state board fee, the NCEES fee, PE class fee, the codes required but not the person's hotel room or money for travel. The coworker was also studying at work at times and there were conversations asking if it was ok to give another job to this person or if they needed some extra time to study. The biggest thing was that the coworker was working for a different plant and basically worked remote from my plant because its closer to their home. Coworker’s boss at the time was at the same level as my boss and they both report to the head of engineering who is located in my office. So skip to when I can first sit for the PE. I told my boss roughly a year before taking it so he knew it was coming. Well I straight up ask for what the other coworker got and I a VERY clear NO!!!! Looking back at the first attempt I got SoPE paid for, 1-2 references bought for me and the NCEES fee. I had no vacation due to getting married & taking a honeymoon so I studied at lunch, at night and on the weekends. I even remember waiting for one of my bosses to buy references and two weeks before the exam I freaked and just out right paid for them which didn't give me enough time to learn them either. I took this attempt as a learning experience. Second attempt I retook SoPE, paid for EET depth, took about 5 days of vacation over 5 weeks, probably also used a sick day as "mental health day" all in hope to pass. I was maybe given a total of 12 hours at work to "study" but if work came in I had to stop. Boss also caved and gave me 1 work from home day which I maybe got 4 hrs of studying in and then 2 days of "work from home" tomorrow because we were slow. I still felt like I was struggling to get in all the lectures and problems worked for the classes. I basically had no life from Jan-April this second time due to studying 8am-8pm on the weekends both days and came home from work and studied another 2 hrs each night. I also had my boss piling very large and complex projects on my desk even tho we were slow and some people in my department had time to watch youtube videos because we didn't have enough work to go around. Third attempt I decided that I wasn't going to take anymore classes just work problems and practice tests and learn my references. I asked to work 7:30am, take a 30 min lunch, and leave at 4pm. I also took about another 5 days of vacation over 4-5 weeks along with having no life and studying on the weekends for 4 months. This helped but boss had so much on my desk I was going home so drained that my 3 hrs of studying sometimes was only roughly 2 hrs. Heading into attempt 4 and have no clue what to do. I did reach out to HR for advice (have actually gone to my HR rep about my boss before over not being treated equal to my coworkers), and waiting to hear back. I personally don't want to drain more vacation over this since I had a coworker who was able to not take vacation and also use a week of vacation to take a vacation before the PE. I honestly don't have the best relationship with my boss but I sure have tried. He is a passive aggressive type and has a temper. Anytime I bring up an idea about studying I get shot down. It’s almost like it has to be his idea or it won't happen. I also know that I am lucky on the fact that my company has covered a good amount of the PE expenses. I'm just confused why they will cover so much and not try to give a reasonable amount of study time especially when we are slow. They also encourage engineers to get the PE as well. WOW this post got way longer than expected but hopefully someone has some advice for me!
  9. After my first time taking it I got a big reality check, that's the honest truth. I was very disappointed but know that by sitting and having the experience of taking the PE is a huge step, you now know what you are up against. I very much doubted myself an engineer after my first attempt, I would say this is normal. I skipped the next round after my first try because of my sister's wedding and buying a house. My best attempt was my second time, I was motivated and it was slow time at work and that was my highest score so far. My 3rd failed attempt was this round and gosh I just felt like I fell for every curve ball NCEES could have thrown at me. I left thinking "I might just have a chance" well my diagnosis says otherwise. I have searched high and low and what I have found reference/practice test wise is that working problems for the morning is key and getting to know those afternoon references are honestly your best bet. But I do like Civil PE practice tests (I believe there are 3 now) for the morning. PE prepared (also 3 tests available) for the morning and now have a structural depth afternoon practice test. If you can save for a class EET depth does cover a great amount of material. School of PE was great for the morning but afternoon wasn't what I was hoping for but that was back for the April 2018 test maybe its changed. But good luck, weigh your options and do what's best for you! I just signed up for April but I have everything I could need from my previous attempts and at work we are coming up on our slower season so its the best time for me to study.
  10. I would also like to know this bc I noticed the same thing
  11. I liked SoPE for the morning but not for the afternoon.
  12. I got 26/20 on my 3rd attempt so 46/80 I got 30/19 on my 2nd attempt so 49/80 My first attempt I think overall score was 43/80 I took SoPE the first time and EET the second time. I used all that material on my 3rd time mostly working problems.
  13. No it sure wasn’t 😔 hiding in a conference room til I pull myself together
  14. This is my 3rd attempt...I didn't take my first 2 fails very well LOL
  15. Oh gosh I'm scared to look!
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