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  1. I believe someone reported on the results thread that a friend got a failing score of 51/80. That's the highest I have seen.
  2. I took on demand because I am in central time zone and the classes are in pacific time zone. They have one practice test they provide, but soo many practice problems! Sadly I have not found many Structural afternoon practice tests besides for one PPI sells, the NCEES practice exam and then Civil Engineering Academy has one as well. My company covered SoPE the first time and helped with roughly half of my references and the cost of exam, so I took the hit for EET. Improving my timing is what I think will work best for me since I feel like I'm swimming in material at this point. Hope this helps!
  3. I signed up for EET Depth this time around because I heard the notes were great and really helped people in the afternoon. It helped some but the binders have A LOT of material in them and maybe I didn't give myself enough time to truly know that binder inside and out. Going to try this thing a 3rd time in Oct. I just plan on working as many problems as possible and really knowing my references inside and out. SoPE was great for the morning tho!
  4. I would encourage to keep moving forward and sit in Oct. If you felt the Oct 2018 Exam wasn't as hard as the April 2019 exam and got the same score...I say you improved! I waited a year to retake and went from a 42 to a 49 after taking EET structural depth class this time around. I might not have passed but I did improve. I'm sure I fell for some of those NCEES tricks but having that year gap (plus getting set back like 3 weeks from being sick) I didn't give myself enough time for the afternoon material. I still studied WAY more than I did the first time and I didn't take my fail this time very well. I still plan on sitting in Oct. Don't give up!
  5. Yeah found out today my 2nd attempt was not successful. I am also not a strong test taker. I am sure I fell for a few tricks. I took SoPE first try and depth material wasn’t enough so caved and took the free repeat of SoPE for morning review and the EET depth for structural. My score did improve but not enough. I’m going to sit again in Oct and I just plan on working on my speed of solving problems, one of my biggest weaknesses. Stay strong!
  6. Thanks! I might be more upset this time because I was soo close! Good Luck hope you get the pass!
  7. MO-Failed 2nd attempt 30/19 so 49 total
  8. Missouri results came out 8:03.
  9. New here but second time test taker. Morning this round was what I expected from my first time taking it in April 2018. Felt like I was VERY strong in the morning. I used School of PE for both rounds to study the morning material. Afternoon was not what I was expecting from my first experience and had to calm down after my first pass through. I have my fingers crossed that I did answer enough with my strong morning to pass this test. I did use School of PE my first time around for the afternoon and felt it was just ok and used EET this round. Kinda felt like neither afternoon class truly helped with this different afternoon. If I would have had the EET binder in April 2018 that actually might have helped me my first round. Anyone else wondering if the different style of questions could be new formatting for the future Civil-Structural CBT?
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