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  1. The practice exam that NCEES sells. "Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam" by Goswami. It had two full breadth exams. "Six Minute Solutions for WRE" by Schneiter. I really liked this one. I also worked some examples from the CERM.
  2. I second the "Six Minute Solutions" being garbage. They just don't match up with the actual exam questions.
  3. And it looks like these are now updated. The LAST UPDATED column is now May 2019 for the majority of the exams. I'm assuming some of the exams aren't always offered in the Spring.
  4. Passed. First try. Civil:WRE I studied about 50-60 hours total. I used reference materials, practice problems and practice exams. No prep classes. I started strong in mid-January by using the CERM and working through the morning topics. I got through Construction, Geotech, and the Materials topics before I got swamped by work in mid-February. I didn't really have a chance to study again until close to the end of March. I was very panicked and was convinced I was screwed. I ended up taking the week off work leading up to the exam. Best decision ever. I spent that weekend quickly going through all the remaining morning topics. Monday I took off and just relaxed. Tuesday I took a practice exam. I worked through it untimed with my reference materials, but not looking at the solutions until I was completely done. I used this time to tab my references as I went. Wednesday and Thursday I took two more practice exams. I timed these just like the real exam. One hour lunch break and all. I think doing the timed exams and getting a feel for the speed with which I needed to work was crucial to exam day. It also got me comfortable with using the references. The other big piece of advice that I can give is to split the exam questions into three groups. Questions you read and you absolutely know you can solve, questions that seem solvable with a little search through your reference materials, and finally questions you must make a sacrifice to the engineering gods to be able to solve. Work through those three groups in that order on exam day and you will be better off for it.
  5. Passed Civil:WRE Morning Session: I felt really good about the morning. I believe I only guessed on 3-5 problems, and I was able to come up with answers for all but 1 problem. Afternoon Session: I thought this was a lot tougher than the three practice exams I took. Mainly because of the Environmental/Water Treatment Questions. I highly recommend the method of going through and answering the easiest problems first, the ones you think you can tackle with a little skimming of the reference material next, and then finally going after the problems that give you a full panic attack. I had to straight guess on 8-10 problems when time was about to run out. This caused me to think I might have failed, because in the three practice exams I was only guessing on about 5 problems per afternoon session. I studied about 50-60 hours total. No prep classes. Just my reference materials and practice exams/problems. Morning: ~35 Afternoon: 23-30
  6. Russia, if you're listening....get these people their PE Results!
  7. WRE here as well. Morning Session: I felt went really well. 3-5 I had to guess on. Mainly structural problems. Afternoon Session: I did not feel great about the afternoon. The water resource ones were fine. I struggled on 2 or 3. The environmental/treatment questions are what got me. I had probably 7-9 questions where I was barely getting calcs started or just straight guessing by the time I was done.
  8. EI_EI_OH

    Ohio Results

    Doesn't seem like many from Ohio are on this forum, but for future folks...... Ohio results released today at 1:41pm.
  9. Ohio Notification: 1:41pm
  10. States that are out...did you receive the notification email first or were you just F5ing away on the NCEES page?
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