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  1. I haven't gotten anything either. Even the wallet sized ones.
  2. Tried the email printed certificate option and did not see anything. Has anyone actually gotten an email response from that application?
  3. I believe they do mail you a letter they say like 7-10 days after you receive your #. I haven't seen anything in the mail yet though.
  4. I received my license # yesterday after speaking with the DOL. It was actually issued on the 9th but i was using the wrong browser (defaulted to firefox when it should have been chrome) for the website and nothing was updating and didn't have any new information.
  5. Interesting.. Glad things are moving i guess!
  6. I have not reached out to them but i thought about sending them an email since we are beyond 4 weeks now. I can do that and give an update hopefully sometime today.
  7. I think that was just in reference to the portal for license lookup being different than what it was in the past. I emailed DOL after i received my pass notice because the "next steps" hyperlink took me to an old page that didn't have any information. I just tried to look up mine as well and didn't see anything either.
  8. 10-4. Did the state send you an email once they had assigned the license # or did you have to just go to the website and track it down? A week turnaround that's awesome! We will be all of 4 weeks this administration its looking like.
  9. Hopefully this is the week!! This may have already been asked earlier but i'm going to throw it out there anyway, do they assign all of the license #'s first and then begin the releasing? I thought they released them as they became available.
  10. Thanks for the update! Its already been almost 3 weeks since they released results so this may breach the blanketed "4 weeks" statement if they are still saying 3 weeks. That is a lot of folks to license though i'll give them that.
  11. Yeah i'm sure they will come through before too long. I didn't think i'd be so antsy waiting for the license # after having gone through all the other madness but I stand corrected haha
  12. I've been checking sporadically as well and haven't seen anything either. Looked like last October it took the State couple weeks.
  13. I usually have this one interchanged with showing up to the exam late and/or not bringing my verification and not being let in. Tis the season i suppose.
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