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  1. The nightmares are for real right now. I've had a couple where I am reviewing my answers only to realize i've bubbled in all 4 answers for multiple questions. Or thinking its okay to get up and leave the exam site in the middle of the afternoon portion and then the proctors don't let me back in when I come back. My subconscious is trying to make me go insane.
  2. Pretty much the same here. Hopeful it was enough to tip the scale on the right side.
  3. 2nd time taking the Civil (Geotech). AM felt slightly more difficult this time around but overall not too crazy. PM was really heavy on the conceptual, almost masks itself as "easy" but tends to just leave me furiously flipping through my resources. Kind of amazing how you can take 2 completely different exams, prepare differently with better references, and walk out of the room basically feeling the same. Is it okay to float precariously through Phases 0-5 on a daily basis? lol
  4. First timer over here, failed with 48/80. Didn't take any courses just worked problems and read through material. Plan on taking EET for Geo Depth to hopefully bring it home in October!
  5. Enginerd_21

    Cut scores

    First time taker here. Civil Geotech - AM-28, PM-20, Total 48. Leaving the exam it felt as if the morning was much stronger. PM was fairly accurate to how I felt about it with preparation and level of difficulty. Plan on taking EET course for this next go around. Any Geotech folks on here pass?
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