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  1. Oh! I am already that person. I just need someone else to call too lol
  2. Where are the results from Louisiana? Can someone please call LAPELS?
  3. I made some edits: ‪It was all a dream, I used to read ASCE magazines,‬ ‪TI-36 and 50 reference books up in the limousine, ‬ ‪posting prayers on my wall, ‬ ‪Every Saturday Study Trap, Mr. Masters, Study Hall,‬ ‪I let my calculator rock 'til my brain popped‬
  4. I am just refreshing the Ncees page lol
  5. How are you feeling? I can't do this anymore.
  6. Any Louisiana folks?
  7. You not the only one.
  8. Someone come save me...I cant do this anymore.
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