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  1. I felt pretty good after taking it this spring and did not think that I missed so much. I felt like the material was very helpful but there are some tricks that NCEES will throw in there that EET may not be able to prepare you for. This time around I tried to work more problems instead of watching the 8 hour videos. I am hoping that this strategy coupled with the fact I have been studying this material since last December will help.
  2. I took the simulated exam this weekend as well and ended up scoring exactly the same as I did last cycle for both morning and afternoon. At least I didn't get worse? I definitely need to review the breadth material so I am planning on spending this week reviewing breadth and then taking the weekend and first few days of next week taking the afternoon session of the NCEES practice exam and reviewing that material. Fingers crossed I pass this time!
  3. Which exams did you purchase for your simulated exams?
  4. I actually took the WRE EET and Breadth EET classes. I knew what my weakest subjects were going to be in the morning and felt okay in the morning portion and then I got to the afternoon portion and saw things that we never covered in the EET classes. But maybe it was just me though and I didn't study those things as thoroughly as I should have.
  5. Thank you everyone! Trying to stay positive! I learned alot from my time studying and I have only been in my field for 10 months now so I still have a lot left to learn! It may have been a bit premature to take my exam but I know what I need to work on to pass now.
  6. whelp it stings but I did not pass the exam... looks like I will be taking it in October! Good luck to everyone else that has not received their exam results!
  7. Did not pass WRE... Fail score 44/80 25 AM and 19 PM. I knew that the afternoon was going to crush me.
  8. I could have sworn that my pass date for the FE was still visible but it is no longer visible on my dashboard...
  9. I'm from Alabama and I am patiently waiting... I have not once pestered the NCEES chat nor posted a results thread. *crosses arms* hmph
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