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  1. has anyone asked this vital question.. .like last year? seeing this actually helped me calm down because I knew it was coming soon. Ironically when they asked this the posting date was that day for results.
  2. same... I am so confident that I passed but mainly because I have convinced myself there is no way I am studying/taking it again. This year has already been tough enough.
  3. random question because I saw that someone commented on the NCEES twitter about promo codes... have they ever had promo codes for an exam? I always wonder why people ask.
  4. im going to predict either tomorrow or wednesday now for the result release... i think that it would have been sooner but of course I will probably be wrong.
  5. right? When my husband read me my results he actually saw the FE Exam result first and got excited and I had to tell him not to look at that one... it was a mix of emotions for sure!
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