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  1. Might have something to do with the easy AM test coupled with a low cut score.
  2. Being that I live in NJ (tested, passed and work in NY), this warms my heart. Better late results than never! Congrats to you and all others that passed in NJ!
  3. Good afternoon. What benefits do you realize by having an SE in NY? Or is it just something your employer encouraged?
  4. "PE exams - After receiving a passing result, it will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks for a status review of your licensure application file. If you meet all requirements for licensure, you will be granted a license as soon as possible." From the NYSED website, hence my confusion with another 'review.' When you wrote makes sense. Thanks.
  5. Also, the process to get approved to sit for NY PE exam is already very rigorous. I wonder why there's another review after the test...
  6. Define 'fairly quick' lol. Can't be earlier than 4 weeks right? And I gleaned that it's alphabetical order. Is your last name early in alphabet?
  7. Lol. But when I come to think of it, releasing scores is extraneous since they set a threshold for competency. It's not like the USMLE for doctors where your level of competency as defined by the board matters. I'm actually thankful NCEES is not like the USMLE or the BAR.
  8. My father asked me last night what my score was and when I responded that they don't release the score, he said back in '93 they did. Interesting. Wonder why they stopped. He said his was a 73. I wish I knew mine so I could brag to him lol.
  9. We received a fail score of 51 in structural in another thread. Which means the str cut score was probably 52. That’s on the lower side of the 52-56 we were told to expect. This exam was difficult by most admissions.
  10. So how does the license number wait play out for those that passed? The website states 4-6 weeks and then encourages to look yourself up to see if you were licensed. Any other insights, experiences?
  11. Best of luck next attempt. I highly recommend School of PE live on site classes. Your 23/40 for AM will turn into 35+.
  12. I write the following with full sincerity and wishing you well for your next attempt: My analysis of your struggle in the exam is that you got caught in the NCEES trap and fell for the false positives on a number of problems. Many of the morning problems are designed to throw you on wrong line of thinking and reach the wrong answer included in the choices. My advice would be - which is what I did - is to budget your time such that you can review your work. To accomplish this, I took the first 5 min of the test to read every question and label in 1-3 difficulty. 1 would be a question you can answer without any reference, 2 would be one you’ll need to look it up but know more or less where to, and 3 would be something you’d have to study and answer. Then answer all the 1s, then 2s and finally the 3s. This method boosts your confidence and prevents you from spending too much time on problems you’ll probably get wrong anyway even if you had an hour. Try this next time.
  13. To those that did not pass, good luck on next attempt and thank you for sharing your scores. I think the cut score was in the lower 50s, probably 51-52, because I haven’t seen a 50 failing score yet. It makes sense since the failing scores for afternoon are coming out in the teens and everyone agreed it was hard. Thoughts?
  14. I found out in subway under PBAT. Same!
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