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  1. Good afternoon, I'm looking to take one of the above two courses mainly for the purpose of learning about site safety and OSHA standards in construction. I know the SSM training is more functional since I can go on to get my SSM certification or even Super license, but my question is that does the 40 hour SSM training cover all the material that OSHA 30 covers, plus 10 hours of training? Or is it different? Thanks
  2. You're welcome. Hope you get yours soon. Good luck!
  3. I took the test in NY. My address is out of NY.
  4. I live out of state but I work in NY and applied in NY. No reciprocity.
  5. Good news: I just got off the phone with NYSDE Office of Professions. The lady said mail has already been sent to my address and should arrive withing 7-10 days and that she's uploading licenses and mine should be online by end of day today. Fingers crossed. My last name starts with 'S'
  6. I don't think anyone from April 2019 cycle has been licensed yet. All additions are from previous cycle. Which indicates we could have to wait until next cycle passes.
  7. We've been discussing this on another thread, join us!
  8. They added one out of state license today after about five days of no activity.
  9. They're up to 101370 and they seemed to go from M to R skipping NOPQ. This is getting interesting. 🙂
  10. Just called NYSDPE. They informed me that my file was in 'queue' and that I should see my license number on their website within next 5-7 business days. My last name starts with 'S'.
  11. Lol you're pushing it. People received licenses last cycle.
  12. Follow the ‘next steps’ link from your NCEES Pass notice.
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