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  1. Has anyone's license show up on the website yet?
  2. Maybe they took an early extended-weekend...
  3. Do you think it's because of the new seismic code that they're delaying the results of both exams? Shouldn't they already have the answers to the exams already?
  4. I'm guessing it will be Thursday. I'm feeling so anxious about this..
  5. Hello! I took the seismic exam in October; unfortunately, I didn't pass. I was wondering how I should approach the exam in 2020. I took Hiner's course for my October 2019 exam and felt pretty confident going into the exam, but didn't feel confident when I came out of the exam. My question is, should I buy Hiner's new exam book or EET's? I want to attempt the seismic exam at the end of January and Hiner's new book won't be coming out until early January. Is Mansour's Seismic book any good? What about PPI? Thank you in advance.
  6. Whoops. Thanks for responding. At my previous job, I was more of a project engineer and worked under a resident engineer. I wrote a lot of change orders. I did a cost estimate for a change order once, but it was more of a change of the contractor's work hours. I did a preliminary field inspection a few times before a project went out for bid. I reviewed a few submittals on the last few days with the company. I was in project management, and some of the projects I worked in were electrical and civil related. It feels like it isn't much, but I also don't want to wait another year before applying to sit in the seismic and survey exam.
  7. Hello, I finally have enough years of experience to start submitting my PE Application! Yay! However I am stuck. I'm unsure of how to phrase my previous 1 year of experience during my time in a consulting firm. I didn't do design, but I was part of project management. Will this not count as experience towards my PE application? I'm not sure what "key words" I should be using. How specific should I be in the "decisions made" section? Thank you for any suggestions.
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