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  1. Failed geotech with 47. Not posting screenshot cause, well.. just no.
  2. This feels like Dante's Inferno and RBHeadge is Pierce Brosnan telling everyone to remain calm while the volcano is about to rain hellfire... LOL
  3. Ok now my heart is going about a billion miles an hour.. there's a special place in hell for trolls at this late hour... 😄
  4. I think Keshia needs a trophy. Or a vacation, or raise, or something.
  5. That *was* a legitimate thought, just wondering if anybody actually hit F5 and it worked. I understand a little bit of statistics and odds and things to know how close to impossible that would be without spending a vast majority of one's day hitting refresh. Whether results actually come out today or next week, it has zero effect on the condition of my life and existence right now.
  6. I haven't resorted to blankly staring at the screen hitting F5 while the drool drips down my face and ruins my keyboard; however, the question just passed through my mind wondering if anyone has ever been successful with the F5 tactic? Meaning- has anyone actually refreshed the page and the "Results Pending" actually changed to something substantial on their NCEES dashboard? Or is it considered one of the "Futile Exercises" for the obvious reason that NO ONE has ever done it?
  7. I wouldn't trust *that* Kim. If you change all the letters in "Kim" to their corresponding numbers you get 11, 9, and 13, which add up to 33. If you google the significance of the number 33, you get a connection to pretty much every single conspiracy, secret society, or major religious figure. If the government says there are no such things as aliens, you better believe there are aliens. If this "Kim" says results will not be out today, I'd bet they will be out today. +1 for my vote.
  8. I have unsubscribed from almost every newsletter/retail-whatever email I usually get and think nothing of. Its like somebody keeps ringing your doorbell, but every time you go out there and look, its only another flaming bag of dog poo.
  9. *Gasp* Are YOU Justin Stine!?!?




      LOL no. Just had to spice up my profile with this derpy picture.

    2. kimberlite


      I didn't really think you were lol. I appreciate the spicyness.

  10. Ok, since you asked for it... This is my contribution from the discussion weeks ago regarding that poor schmuck who unknowingly bears the wrath of all of us compulsively checking and cursing his scapegoat existence. Getting delirious.
  11. I made an account just because I felt strange trolling in the background and not saying anything. Being a creepy lurker. It has to be 53 for all exam variants.
  12. Howdy all, Figured I would make an account so I can add my 2 cents to the "April 2019 PE Wait - Welcome to the suck" thread. Been trolling in the shadows since I walked out of the test room, and have been well entertained. Results are any day now, and I just can't help myself anymore. Anywhoos, I trained in geological engineering, and the majority of my experience in that field is explaining to the other civils what my degree is in. I have lived in Wyoming (Park county) for 2 years since graduating, and its hands down the best place I've ever been. I wasn't sure if an intro post was required before posting on other threads, so here is my CYA post. Thanks for reading, and for those of you in the same exam results-waiting bus, lets hope this ride comes to a swift and sweet end soon.
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