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  1. JPLNJ

    New Jersey Results

    Checklist was right for me as well! Congrats everyone!
  2. JPLNJ

    New Jersey Results

    Based on this answer, the checklist could be updating tomorrow as well.
  3. JPLNJ

    New Jersey Results

    Maybe they haven't gotten to Newark test takers yet? I took it in Trenton. Based on the previous October and April 2018 threads, the NCEES Dashboard wasn't updating until four or five days after the first checklist change. Assuming the same amount of time for this round, that wouldn't put our results out until Friday or next Monday.
  4. Mine says 'Completed' and it has yesterday's date. My guess is that they're manually entering everyone in. Based on the October 2018 thread, the same thing happened then.
  5. Check out the NJ thread here: I read through both the October and April 2018 results and 'cautiously optimistic' is the best way to put it.
  6. JPLNJ

    New Jersey Results

    Were you able to access the online checklist?
  7. JPLNJ

    New Jersey Results

    I read through the OCT 2018 and APR 2018 Results thread. In the April thread, it looks like everyone who had 'Completed' on their checklist passed. There was only one comment that stated their checklist had 'Completed' but was told verbally that they failed. At this point I'm still holding out for the final NCEES 'Pass' but I do feel slightly more comfortable with the checklist updated to 'Completed'. #tealeaves
  8. For those of you that are unaware, you can create a Username and Password for the NJ DCA website at the link below: From there, you should be able to login and click 'View Checklist'. My checklist updated earlier today to 'Passed PE Exam = Completed = 05/14/2019'. For the veterans, does that mean I'm in the clear?
  9. Log out and log in again. I just did it and it updated to "Completed 05/14/19". Hoping this means I passed but still holding out until I see it on NCEES.
  10. I'm in the same boat. Felt pretty good about it but this isn't a good sign. Maybe they are updating each person one by one?
  11. New user. First post. The stress is real. Did anyone figure out the cut score yet?
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