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  1. Only if you are going to study depth.. I would advise both breadth (which is also $550) AND depth because the AM is where you need to do extremely well on (atleast 36/40) to help you pass.
  2. Engineering Education and Training at eetusa.org is pretty good and School of PE is also good for FE studying. Both pricess are just under 1000, which is worth it if you need structure to study. Good luck!
  3. Breadth is Key and should be easier in April compared to October. The depth will be a challenge so definately focus on getting all of your points in the breadth this spring.
  4. Personally....for the sake of saving time and valuable study material...I say stick with construction on your next go around so that you can build on the already know.
  5. I am 20 years out of college and finally passed April 2019 after multiple attempts...I did construction the first time and the remaining times I kept my focus on transportation, even though I work in construction. What i did, after taking EET was sacrificed and used a week of vacation before the exam...i.e. exam was Friday, I took that previous Friday up to that Friday off. Everyday that week, I went to the library and watched the EET videos on demand and did problems loke it was a work week... starting at 730 am and ending at 5 or later depending on my confidence level. What I found was having that fresh in my mind the week before the exam helped me tremendously with recollection of material and I was rested enough during the week and used to spending a "work day" studying that I was comfortable in the exam.... Yes.. spending my vacation week for studying was a huge sacrifice but I feel it was key to me finally passing the exam... Best of Luck!
  6. Do it...EET was a game changer for me on breadth and depth so I HIGHLY recommend them. SoPE was ok.... But me being over 15 years out of school and going back...EET broke the material down better and grouped it similar to the actual exam much better than SoPE. I.E.....SoPE had Project planning, Means and methods and Materials all grouped under construction whereas.... these are three separate sessions with EET.. and they are also separate in the actual exam inasmuch as what and where you are tested in...it made it easier for me to zone in on problem areas instead of a general topic playing guess and choose trying to figure out my weaknesses....
  7. From looking at your module, seeing what topics are covered in the AM and coordinating it with your score... i.e. for civil.. there are 8 subtopics in the AM...the sum of those 8 will give you your AM score. The rest is pm.
  8. You will get it next time... focus on acing the first half by really understanding the concepts.. your pm is good.
  9. I dont think this is about the score passing... especially in Michigan... I think it has something to do with meeting all requirements within a year of meeting the exam requirements.Michigan just changed over to this about a year or so ago, so this person may be the first to pass, yet not have 4 years experience and they may need to see how to handle it. Looking at nspe website, even after Michigan passed the deletion of getting approved to sit for the PE, It still days there should be 4 years before sitting for the exam.. unless its a typo... I am certainly interested to see how this plays out.. seeing as that I have a senior in college getting ready to graduate in civil and taking the FE... I dont want to advise her to take the PE if she have to take it again due to not having the experience beforehand or within a specific time frame...
  10. My two cents on taking “On Demand “ vs live class times... and only speaking for myself... As tempted as I was to try EET OnDemand, I did their Saturday classes and Tuesday workshop problems/ quizzes because it made me more accountable. The first two attempts of trying and self studying or OnDemand SoPE yielded bad results because it was at my own leisure to make myself study/ watch the videos...which in turn... was already a problem because had I studied efficiently, I wouldn’t have had to take it two more times to finally pass the exam. Me knowing that my free repeat depended on me being in attendance made it that much more important that I was in attendance and present...plus it allowed me to ask questions as soon as my confusion kicked in. 🤷🏽‍♀️But what do I know... I only failed twice before finally passing 🤓🤓
  11. Their depth portions always covers the breadth in that particular subject.
  12. From reading this.... https://www.michiganspe.org/licensure/ ... there appears to be a dangerous loop. I am wondering if your test being sent to LARA (and I am assuming you passed) is valid or voided seeing that you would not be able to complete your application within the year from the date of you meeting your exam requirements🤔🤔 Maybe taking the exam inadvertently started your application process.... woah... @RBHeadge PE any thoughts on this ☝🏽
  13. It’s possible that they are flagging it to make sure your test wasn’t compromised or that that you didn’t cheat🤷🏽‍♀️. That’s the only logical reason I would see, seeing that Michigan was one of the first releases with pass/ fail tabs. That seem to be an odd response for it to have to go to the board. Ohhh also, I saw somewhere that even though Michigan changed its rules, on the NSPE website, there is still a requirement to work 4 years before your exam counts. https://www.nspe.org/sites/default/files/resources/pdfs/admin/publications/NSPE-When-Can-I-Take-the-PE-Exam.pdf Check this out and see... it sure how true it is.
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