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  1. Just show up and take it. I took it cold and passed (probably just barely, but who knows). If you fail, who cares? There's no downside at all, that I can see at least. You'll at least be relaxed.
  2. I ordered and received mine with the last 5. Ah well.
  3. They were too complex; too many steps to represent "real" exam problems. I can see how if you worked through them they would prepare you well, but really they would prepare you by over-preparing you. From a purely test-prep standpoint I think that's not optimal (i.e. you will have put more time into it than you "had to") but it might be useful from a "learning stuff" perspective.
  4. Thanks! Please do.
  5. I'm not actually. Kind of pricey, isn't it? Where's the dinner happen? (I don't actually live in Michigan.) Possible to attend without being a member... or get the certificate without attending? :-)
  6. Got it. It is... very unimpressive. Like a cosmetology license or something.
  7. I think the guy diagonally left in front of me had about 4 calculators. I only brought the one myself.
  8. Very interesting! Two votes for 5 and one vote for 10... I like the idea of 5 better, personally, and it's extremely unlikely I'll ever stamp anything so....
  9. Anyone know if Michigan even gives you a certificate? lol...
  10. Does anyone know whether the license number that ought to go on (for example) a stamp is the full 10-digit number, for example "62010XXXXX" (where the "62010" is common to all PEs in Michigan and other professional licenses seem to have their own five-digit prefix), or just the last part, "XXXXX", for us recent registrations 68XXX in sequence?
  11. "(as the correct ABCD answers are equal = 10 each)" Wait, is that true? It's always exactly 10 of each? If I'd known that, definitely would've changed by "guessing" strategy at the end, too. Oh well, passed anyway.
  12. Oh, I see. So at this point, you aren't at any disadvantage since your references are already processed.
  13. It seems to be literally everybody licensed in the recent batch.
  14. Mine also expires 10/31/2019 (in fact, punching in random numbers around mine, all of the recently-issued licenses do). Annoying. At least Michigan is one of the cheapest states to renew in!
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