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  1. Just show up and take it. I took it cold and passed (probably just barely, but who knows). If you fail, who cares? There's no downside at all, that I can see at least. You'll at least be relaxed.
  2. I ordered and received mine with the last 5. Ah well.
  3. They were too complex; too many steps to represent "real" exam problems. I can see how if you worked through them they would prepare you well, but really they would prepare you by over-preparing you. From a purely test-prep standpoint I think that's not optimal (i.e. you will have put more time into it than you "had to") but it might be useful from a "learning stuff" perspective.
  4. I'm not actually. Kind of pricey, isn't it? Where's the dinner happen? (I don't actually live in Michigan.) Possible to attend without being a member... or get the certificate without attending? :-)
  5. Got it. It is... very unimpressive. Like a cosmetology license or something.
  6. I think the guy diagonally left in front of me had about 4 calculators. I only brought the one myself.
  7. Very interesting! Two votes for 5 and one vote for 10... I like the idea of 5 better, personally, and it's extremely unlikely I'll ever stamp anything so....
  8. Anyone know if Michigan even gives you a certificate? lol...
  9. Does anyone know whether the license number that ought to go on (for example) a stamp is the full 10-digit number, for example "62010XXXXX" (where the "62010" is common to all PEs in Michigan and other professional licenses seem to have their own five-digit prefix), or just the last part, "XXXXX", for us recent registrations 68XXX in sequence?
  10. "(as the correct ABCD answers are equal = 10 each)" Wait, is that true? It's always exactly 10 of each? If I'd known that, definitely would've changed by "guessing" strategy at the end, too. Oh well, passed anyway.
  11. Oh, I see. So at this point, you aren't at any disadvantage since your references are already processed.
  12. It seems to be literally everybody licensed in the recent batch.
  13. Mine also expires 10/31/2019 (in fact, punching in random numbers around mine, all of the recently-issued licenses do). Annoying. At least Michigan is one of the cheapest states to renew in!
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