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  1. @FLPE Thank you so much! That was extremely helpful. Also good to know I can purchase just the depth portion. I truly feel I can get my morning scores up on my own, as I can think of at least two questions from this exam cycle that I would have gotten correct had I read the question more carefully Realistically, there are probably more I can do that with as well. @ads0221 Thank you for this advice! Honestly, my codes afternoon score was 1/4, which didn't surprise me. One I couldn't find, and two I didn't even have the manuals for, so they were a flat-out guess. If I would have had those, maybe I would have passed. Who knows? Definitely plan to be more familiar with (and bring all) my resources this go round...especially for the afternoon!
  2. Did you feel the EET prep course helped you significantly with your afternoon portion, or just moderately? Looking for a good prep course for my second attempt this October. Failed Civil: Structural with a 49/80 (30 AM/19 PM).
  3. Civil: Structural - 49/80
  4. Failed 1st attempt @ Civil - Structural with 30 AM/19 PM, so 49 total. I self-prepared, so Iā€™m actually not too bummed about my score. Thankfully, my husband passed Civil - Construction! šŸ˜ Planning to retake in October!
  5. KY, Failed 1st attempt. 30 AM/19 PM ā€” so 49 total. Self prepared, but would love recommendations for a Depth Review Course from anyone who felt prepared for afternoon portion! Planning to try again in October!
  6. But Easter falls on a Sunday, and they don't work on weekends. Not seeing how that changes our time frame; unless they get Good Friday off.
  7. He just showed me that... Turns out -- I am that coworker šŸ˜… My b, guys.
  8. This has to be from at least last October's exam, because this is my co-worker šŸ˜‚ Unsure how it's time-stamped to look like today.
  9. New poster here and first time test taker. šŸ‘‹ I felt pretty good with the morning portion. There were 10 I marked to "double check," and ended up feeling confident about my answers for 5 out of those 10, and fairly decent about my remaining 5. Realistically, allowing myself some grace, I'm thinking 35 +/- 3. Ended up with about 15 minutes left to check my answers, so that was good. Went into lunch thinking "this isn't so bad." But then... HOLY GUACAMOLE. Nothing I could have done would have prepared me for the afternoon. I could have studied literally a million more hours and it wouldn't have helped me a lick. I just didn't study the correct subject matter. Anyone else feel that way? How about the repeat takers? Was this afternoon portion more difficult than others? I was expecting far more problems in a certain subject matter...ended up with two, and one wasn't even reaallyyyy an actual question on that matter, just happened to mention it in the problem. Talk about frustrating. I felt confident about my answers on maybe 15/40, made an educated guess on roughly 5-7 more, and the remaining 18-20 were a legitimate "well, I haven't filled in a 'B' bubble in awhile..." Now for the waiting game... Looks like no one felt fantastic about the afternoon, so maybe that will work in our favor? šŸ¤ž
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