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  1. I have roughly 6-8 different practice exams ranging in ages from 1-10 years old, all from different suppliers (NCEES, PPI, 6 Minute Solutions, Goswami, etc.) and I really just don't feel like they help. You can work all those problems and that's grand, but there is no way you can predict what's going to be on that test. There is just so much information they can pull from. I know my April and October exams were drastically different, and I studied for roughly 100 hours each time, honestly. I truly feel like I could have studied for 100 more hours and still not been prepared for either of them. Maybe I'm studying the wrong things? Is that how you feel? I think for this go-round, I'm going to heed the advice from those on this board who've recommended intently studying the code books. Sure, I'm familiar enough with them to do my daily work, but I don't think I know them well enough to know where the random, off-the-wall PE questions will come from. Maybe that will help. My bolded portion from your post above: you are NOT reaching. I 100% felt like this, and have been saying it since October 25th. "WTF is this nonsense?" Additionally, I think I would have to support your statement on not dropping the money on a review course. My afternoon score only increased by 1 point, and I don't feel like $600 was a reasonable amount for a 1 point increase. (And I solely put 100 hours into the PM portion this time around.) Honestly, though, I could have spent 100 hours on the morning too and it wouldn't have helped. The questions were just different this time around, weren't "up my alley," and it showed when my score went from a pretty solid 31 to an average 27. If I could have gotten a 31 again, or even improved my morning score by one point AND my afternoon score by one point, I really think I would have passed. Talk about frustrating.
  2. That is extremely helpful! Thank you so much for this information!
  3. My personal opinion: sit out a cycle if you can. I failed in April 2019 and took it again in October 2019 because I thought the same thing "things will still be fresh on my mind." By about September, I was already burnt out on studying, so I went into October's exam just...tired. I am probably planning to take it again in April 2020, but only because I paid for a review course and I get to take it again for free. The kicker to that is I have to take it in the next exam cycle, aka April 2020. So no break...again. Kind of dreading it.
  4. Did you use SoPE for both morning and afternoon review? If so, did you like it and feel like it helped?
  5. I am here for this board. So much positivity and encouragement. 🥰 Round 3, here I come.
  6. Failed. 2nd attempt. Civil - Structural. 27 AM/19 PM
  7. I don't mind at all! I found it extremely helpful in April.
  8. I'll begin. Failed. Kentucky. 27 AM/19 PM. 2nd Attempt. I prepared with the EET Structural Depth Review Course. My first attempt was also a fail (obviously). My score that round was 31 AM/18 PM, and I had self-prepared.
  9. Hi everyone! I remember from the April 2019 group someone started a thread specific to this discipline for people to report their scores, so I figured I would go ahead and do the same. To those of you who passed: congratulations! I know it's got to be such a relief to see that beautiful green box. To those of you who were not as fortunate, please post your state, scores (AM/PM), what attempt number this was, and how you prepared. Best of luck to us next time! Edit: Please also feel free to ask questions to each other about review courses! That was extremely helpful for me last time.
  10. I also failed civil structural on my 2nd attempt. Better luck to us in April!
  11. I have seen a couple of 49/80 fails, and mine was 46/80. So who knows? Either way, I'll try again. Round 3, here I come 🤣
  12. Not at all! I took the EET Structural Depth review course. While I think the course was thorough, I'm not sure it helped. I don't think it was EET's fault, I think this was just a new exam cycle with some new questions. I plan to use them again and retry!
  13. Absolutely! I used the EET Structural Depth review course. While I think the course was thorough, I'm not sure it helped. I don't think it was EET's fault, I think this was just a new exam cycle with some new questions. I plan to use them again and retry! Another factor I think played into it significantly is that, for my first attempt, I was able to study A LOT at work because we were kind of in our off-season. This attempt I was working overtime, trying to juggle my personal life and extracurriculars, and study for the exam. I think I was just burnt out after studying for, essentially, a year straight.
  14. Failed. Civil - Structural. 2nd attempt. 27 AM/19 PM. (Worse than my previous score even after taking a review course.) 🙄
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