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  1. I don't know if Virginia will release on day 1, does anyone know about Virginia?
  2. Any Virginia folks?
  3. As I mentioned earlier, I have no intention to fool anyone and the chat was genuine. I am at my office and do not have any kind of software to edit the chat.
  4. I have no intention to fool anyone and it is genuine. I was really surprised to see this response and shared with you all.
  5. I am just like everyone else waiting for the results and this is a genuine chat !!
  6. Yeah, this is definitely not a general response and I think it will be soon
  7. The standard response is "8 to 10 weeks after the exam", but this time they said "no". I believe her as they wouldn't provide false information.
  8. Hello, I just had a chat with Kim and this is the response. Guess it's not today.
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