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  1. I'm from Carlisle, PA (the middle). Live in South Carolina now though. Tested in SC. Looks like I'd be waiting today either way.
  2. Come on Flood Gates! 19 States to go! Even if only one really matters to each of us individually.
  3. I took the exam in SC... The board resides in Clemson, SC... if the boys down I-26 in Columbia missed that e-mail that's pretty bad. Could have sent a horse with a mailbag! lol
  4. I've been doing that to this feed and the map feed. I figure when I actually get the email I can take a deep breath, collect my intestinal fortitude and then log into NCEES.
  5. Has anyone logged in and gotten their result before receiving the NCEES e-mail? Or is that just neurotic fools play?
  6. Me toooo. DId you enjoy your day at the Shriners Temple and weird community fair grounds in Columbia SC?
  7. That does qualify the majority of states for early release...
  8. I like that the first 3 posted screenshots all had the exact same timestamp, reception and battery life remaining on their phones... what a coincidence!
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